Designing a World-Class Compact Sedan

8 Sep 2011 | 34 views
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Designing a World-Class Compact Sedan
Nissan Design Newsletter Vol.16, 11 April 2011.


“I wanted to design a perfect robust sedan,” says Yamane, Associate Product Chief Designer in charge of designing the new Global Sedan.

Sports cars, minivans, and SUVs… Automobiles come in various forms. However, looking back into the history of motorization, regardless of the country, the very first step is always a sedan. Over a long period of history, the concept of “sedan-ness” has been fostered in people’s minds.

“Our objectives were to create a global car that would be accepted by our customers around the globe, incorporating that sedan concept while realizing advanced performance and beauty.

“In doing that, we wanted to achieve a good balance of functionality and sedan ‘presence’, a spacious cabin, and a fine design in a compact car with size limitations.”

“It was indeed a challenging but rewarding job,” says Yamane, reflecting back on his team’s hardships with a smile.

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