A Conversation with Virgil Exner, Jr.

by: Mike Trettin 9 Mar 2011 | 133 views
Year: 2003 | Document Type: interview | File Format: html | Language: uk
A Conversation with Virgil Exner, Jr.


On January 8, 2003, Virgil Exner, Jr. gave me an opportunity to ask him many of the questions that we Chrysler fans, especially those of us in the Online Imperial and Forward Look clubs, have wondered about and discussed over the years.  He is a wonderfully gracious man to talk to—extremely knowledgeable, considerate, funny, and passionate about automobiles.

It became obvious that he and his father have always been, not only brilliant artists and automotive designers, but die-hard, race-loving, ‘gas in the blood’ car guys!

The following is a transcript of our conversation….

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