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13 Aug 2006

“New Strada” supercar project

The "New Strada" is a project started by an Italian Engineering group in partnership with AADA (African Automotive Design Association). The mission is to build a modern riedition of the 60's Bizzarrini Strada GT 5300 supercar. We report some...
Ford uses virtual photography
7 Aug 2006

Ford uses virtual photography

For the first time, Ford is creating the preview brochures of its latest European models using digital renderings instead of conventional photographs. The realistic images are obtained using 3D models taken from the product design process.
Bmw Z6 rumors
5 Aug 2006

Bmw Z6 rumors

According to some recent rumors BMW could bring to production a new open sportscar - possibly named Z6 - to compete against the Mercedes-Benz SL. The design could be based on the California Spyder Concept presented at the 2005 Los Angeles Auto Show.
Volkswagen Tiguan preview
27 Jul 2006

Volkswagen Tiguan preview

VW has released a design sketch of the Tiguan, the new compact SUV that will be launched in 2008. The name was chosen by 350,000 readers of AutoBild.
Peter Schreyer is new Kia Design Director
26 Jul 2006

Peter Schreyer is new Kia Design Director

Peter Schreyer will be the next Design Director at Kia Motors. He has worked at Audi for more than 25 years, and created the original Audi TT.
Nissan new global cars
15 Jul 2006

Nissan new global cars

Nissan has announced the launch of a new family of global cars. The Chinese variant, named Livina Geniss, will go on sale in 2006.
Site of the Month: Product Design Forums
11 Jul 2006

Site of the Month: Product Design Forums

Product Design Forums is an online community fully focused on industrial design. Members can share their ideas, show their projects, discuss design techniques and look for career suggestions or job offers.
Alfa Romeo Compact Coup
7 Jul 2006

Alfa Romeo Compact Coupé

On next September Alfa Romeo will decide whether to produce a small B-segment coupé. The car should be based on the Grande Punto and a design study has been published by ItaliaSpeed.
Audi R-Z
27 Jun 2006

Audi R-Zéro concept study

The Audi R-Zéro is a concept study for a futuristic sportscar that combines electrical propulsion with extreme performances. It was created by three students of the French International School of Design (ISD).
Alfa Romeo Villa d
16 Jun 2006

Alfa Romeo Villa d’Este: design story

Thanks to Ross McSherry, the winner of "Stile Italiano Giovani" 2006 Design Competition, we publish an exclusive design story of his Alfa Romeo Villa d'Este project, including many sketches and photos from the development process.
modo 3d software used by Ford
15 Jun 2006

modo 3d software used by Ford’s designer

"modo 201" is an innovative 3d creation software released by Luxology. Ford's artist Chris Szetela speaks about its key features and how he integrated this application in his production pipeline.
VW Eos debuts in photographic art
14 Jun 2006

VW Eos debuts in photographic art

The new VW Eos is the protagonist of a series of artistic pictures created by five world-class fashion photographers for the international zeitgeist magazine ZOO.
Laurens van den Acker is new chief designer at Mazda
8 May 2006

Laurens van den Acker is new chief designer at Mazda

Laurens van den Acker has been appointed General Manager of the Design Division of Mazda Motor Corporation. Among his projects are many recent Ford concept cars.
7 May 2006

TVR’s future

According to the British magazine Autocar, despite recent job cuts and the imminent closure of the Blackpool plant, TVR is planning new models and aims at increasing production volumes and exporting to new markets.
Site of the Month: Designer Techniques
3 May 2006

Site of the Month: Designer Techniques

DesignerTechniques is a new car design website with exclusive tutorials and resources. It was created by Allan MacDonald, a professional designer today employed at Volvo Trucks.
Aston Martin
26 Apr 2006

Aston Martin’s Retail Design Programme

To express a timeless classic feel that reflects the brand image, Aston Martin has undertaken a design programme for its showrooms and dealerships that includes modern furniture icons and architectural elements typical of luxury hotels and boutiques.
Citroen C4 voted 2006 World Car Design of the Year
20 Apr 2006

Citroen C4 voted 2006 World Car Design of the Year

At the New York International Auto Show Citroen C4 has been voted 2006 World Car Design of the Year. It was selected from a shortlist of 24 vehicles: the BMW 3-Series and the Honda Civic won the 2nd and 3rd prize.
Citroen C3 Pluriel Kartell
7 Apr 2006

Citroen C3 Pluriel Kartell

The Citroen C3 Pluriel Kartell, a special version created by the Italian design furniture company, is on display at the Textiles Show ("Salone dei Tessuti") in Milan, Italy.


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