Movin’On Challenge Design

Movin’On Challenge Design

Creating a Better Way for Mobility

Movin’On Challenge Design gives designers and innovators the opportunity to share ideas that open the world to everyone while preserving the planet for all.

Challenge Design is a featured program of the Movin’On Summit, the world’s foremost gathering for sustainable mobility. Michelin has been the inspiration behind Movin’On Challenge Design since its inception more than 20 years ago and is proud to partner with a global community of designers and innovators to support ideas that promote a more sustainable and inclusive future in mobility.


Based on the vision that mobility should constantly be evolving, Movin’On Challenge Design welcomes entries every year that disrupt mobility norms in a way that exponentially improve sustainable mobility. A sustainable mobility solution is one that exhibits the attributes of safety, efficiency, accessibility and is environmentally friendly.


Movin’On has grown into a co-innovation ecosystem of large corporations, small startups, entire cities and countries, civil society, global organizations, educational institutions and individual field experts. Together we move ambition to action.

Movin’On Challenge Design is one of those actions. Since 2021, artists, designers, engineers, architects, urban planners and creative minds across 134 countries have submitted more than 14,000 entries with ideas for improving mobility. And our future is better for it.


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