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  • Akos Szaz
  • Romain Bucaille

    Creative CAD Modeler at PSA Peugeot Citroën.
  • Poulet Olivier
  • Rodolfo Vanni
  • Robert Engelmann
  • Alan Derosier

    Designer at Chery Motors.
  • Maxim Shershnev
  • Gilles Vidal

    Peugeot Head of Design
  • Kevin Hulsey

    Kevin Hulsey has in the last 20 years earned the reputation as one of the words leading automotive illustrators. He is specialized in technical cutaways and ghosted or phantom view illustrations.
  • Piano Kedzierski

    Piano Kedzierski, exterior designer at Škoda
  • Sébastien Criquet

    Peugeot Senior exterior designer


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