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  • Car Design News

    Automotive design industry news, coverage of major auto shows and design exhibitions. Design employment and portfolios listings.
  • Auto Design & Styling Magazine

    Czech Magazine about car design and styling.
  • The Museum of Automobile Art and Design

    The MOAAD (Museum of Automobile Art and Design) is an online collection of automotive artworks divided into thematic galleries.
  • Car Design TV

    Car Design TV is a website with articles and videos on automotive design.
  • Interior Motives

    Magazine fully dedicated to automotive interior design.
  • Dean’s Garage

    Run by former GM designer Gary D. Smith, Dean’s Garage is a blog/website dedicated to the golden era of American car design, with many unique and interesting articles and artworks, and stories narrated by the very protagonists.
  • Car Styling

    Japanese Magazine.

    Website with news and exclusive content, mainly new projects by emerging designers. In Russian.
  • Auto & Design

    Italian Magazine about car design.
  • Form Trends

    Founded in 2012, Form Trends covers the automotive design industry, focusing on both the products and the people behind them.


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