Lancia New Stratos: design sketches and updates

Special Cars 27 Sep 2010
Lancia New Stratos: design sketches and updates

The updated information on the Lancia New Stratos, the one-off commissioned by collector Michael Stoschek and inspired by the iconic racing car of the 1970’s. The report includes a set of exclusive design sketches.

On last August the publication of several spy shots of a new Lancia Stratos started many rumors about this mysterious project.

Lancia Stratos Design SketchLater, the website revealed that the car had been commissioned by Michael Stoschek, an entrepreneur in the automotive supply industry and a collector and driver of historic racing cars.

Now we are able to publish a number of design sketches that document the development process of this special one-off.

These images were originally published by UK printed publication Auto Italia Magazine.

According to, "The construction of the car has been underway since autumn 2008, at Pininfarina in Turin, Italy."

Lancia Stratos Design Sketch Lancia Stratos Design Sketch

"[…] Work on the New Stratos began at Pininfarina under the designer Jason Castriota, until Castriota moved to Bertone. The current design of the body and interior is the work of Luca Borgogno."

Lancia Stratos Design Sketch Lancia Stratos Design Sketch
On the right: dimension comparison between the New Stratos and the Ferrari F430 on which it is based

The New Stratos will be presented in November 2010, 40 years after its first appearance at the Turin Motor Show, to a small circle of motor sport journalists on the Paul Ricard Circuit.

Lancia New StratosLancia New Stratos Lancia New Stratos

The Design

The decision to develop and build a new Stratos was inspired by a meeting with Chris Hrabalek, with whom Michael Stoschek became acquainted at the 1986 World Stratos meeting organized in Alta Badia by Stoschek.

Lancia Stratos Design Evolution

This was also the impetus behind Stoschek’s involvement in the Fenomenon Stratos project, presented at the 2005 Geneva Motor Show, as well as his acquisition of the Stratos trademark rights.

Lancia Stratos Design Sketch Lancia Stratos Design Sketch by Bertone
On the right: B-Proposal done by Bertone under the design direction of Jason Castriota (Source: Rosso Magazine)

Stoschek himself specified that, "because the design of the Lancia Stratos was characterized by the contrast between round and rectilinear elements, I wanted to see that tension to be carried over into the New Stratos as well."

Lancia Stratos Design SketchLancia New StratosLancia New Stratos

According to the information revealed by Italiaspeed, to create the new-generation Stratos at least three Italian design studios (including Bertone and Pininfarina) have developed their own proposals.

Lancia New StratosMichael Stoschek and the New StratosLancia New Stratos

The design selected for furher development was the result of a group effort, and Jason Castriota‘s involvement in the project started when he was at Pininfarina.

Lancia New Stratos Lancia New Stratos Lancia New Stratos


(Source:, ItaliaSpeed)

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