Porsche Cayenne restyled

Porsche Cayenne restyled

The second generation Porsche Cayenne features improved overall efficiency and a restyled design influenced by the Panamera sedan model. The line-up includes a hybrid-powered version.

Porsche CayenneThe second generation of the Porsche Cayenne has been improved in terms of efficiency and power output. Indeed, efficiency is the name of the game at Porsche.

The principles of “Porsche Intelligent Performance” are in full swing; the focus: more power while burning less fuel.


Actually a few inches longer than the outgoing model, the new Cayenne appears more compact. The surfacing has been updated; it’s much more dynamic than before, implying more agility than the previous generation.

Porsche Cayenne Porsche Cayenne

The first Cayenne’s form seemed not unresolved, though perhaps a bit simplistic. This new iteration may have just a touch more finish overall, and is certainly more daring. The biggest accomplishment may be how well it disguises the vehicle’s girth.

Porsche CayenneThe Panamera’s influence is clearly evident in the handling of hood and fender surfacing. It is also obvious in the treatment of front- and rear-end graphics—this was no doubt intended to integrate the Cayenne more readily into the line-up, but mostly seems to align the SUV with the Sedan.

Could this be the beginning of a sports car/non-sports car strategy for Porsche? We’ll have wait for the new 911 to see.


Porsche Cayenne InteriorDesign-wise, the interior was a high point for the original Cayenne. Now the interior is an even more pleasing place to spend a long road trip.

Quality, fit, and finish are perhaps a notch or two higher, and there is definitely more of a cockpit feel for the driver due to the prominent center console.

Here is more Panamera-derived styling, but a more angular vocabulary is used for the SUV. A nice touch, the main HVAC vents sprout from the dash and lead into the center stack which visually suggests a potent but composed vehicle.

Performance and Economy

Porsche Cayenne CutawayThe Cayenne range still starts with the V6 which now makes 300hp and 28mpg.

The S Hybrid manages 380hp at 34.4mpg with a smaller super-charged V6+electric motor.

The hybrid is of the ‘full parallel’ variety, and features what Porsche is calling “sailing mode” in which the Cayenne can run on electric-only at speeds up to 97mph.

The Cayenne S’s 400hp V8 still manages to score 26.9mpg, but of particular interest is the twin-turbocharged mill, which garners extra applause by getting a 500hp Cayenne Turbo to achieve 27.6mpg.

(Source: Porsche)

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