Alfa Romeo Essence Concept

New Designers 22 Aug 2010
Alfa Romeo Essence Concept

The Alfa Romeo Essence is a design study of a futuristic sportscar that aims at redefining the brand’s design language using fabric-inspired surfaces. The author is Coventry graduate Sam Holgate.

The project by Sam Holgate looks at the future of Alfa Romeo and aims at redefining the brand’s DNA through fabric inspired surfacing.

Alfa Romeo Essence Selected Design Alfa Romeo Essence Technical Substructure

The electric powered concept exists in 2035 and shows how a technical substructure could be clothed with a fluid sculpture.

Alfa Romeo Essence Exterior Fabric Inspired Surfacing Alfa Romeo Essence Interior Details

As Sam explains, “made from shape memory plastic, the vehicle’s flexible exterior layer is shaped by the air flowing over it.

“This fabric layer has ‘motion memory’ – the vehicle holds its shape for long periods of time allowing you to see how dramatic movements create a unique sculptural form-making the user to stand out form the crowd.

Alfa Romeo Essence Design Scenario Alfa Romeo Essence Exterior Ideation

Alfa Romeo Essence Concept ModelThe final model shows how Alfa Romeo would possibly present their new form language by using a flowing contour sculpture to suggest the form of the vehicle’s wheels and underbody, clothed by the flexible exterior layer.

The emotional aspect of the brand is underlined by the driver focus and the kinetic form.

About the Designer

Alfa Romeo Essence Concept ModelSam Holgate is a 22 years old Automotive Design student recently graduated from Coventry University. He is currently seeking employment in the industrial design field.

Contact Details:

(Image Courtesy: Sam Holgate)

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