Bugatti Aerolithe Concept

New Designers 23 Jul 2010
Bugatti Aerolithe Concept

The Bugatti Aerolithe Concept is a design study of a futuristic exclusive sportscar inspired by the legendary 1935 Bugatti Electron Aerolithe prototype. The author is Coventry graduate Douglas Hogg.

The Bugatti Aerolithe Concept is a futuristic sportscar created by design student Douglas Hogg for his final project at Coventry University.

Bugatti Aerolithe Concept RenderingBugatti Aerolithe Concept Rendering

Bugatti T57 Aerolithe Electron CoupeCreated for the year 2025, it is inspired by the original Bugatti Electron Aerolithe, a legendary prototype presented at the 1935 Paris Motor Show and featuring a body made of Electron, an aeronautical grade magnesium alloy.

The Aerolithe prototype gave birth to the Atlantic models, built in just three units. The prototype itself was lost before WWII and is currently being recreated by a team of Canadian car restorers.

The design of the Aerolithe Concept reinterprets in a modern way some of the styling cues of the original Aerolithe, such as the pronounced shoulders, the split windshield and rear window, the aeronautical-inspired doors and the trademark grille.

Bugatti Aerolithe Concept Design Sketch Bugatti Aerolithe Concept Design SketchAs Douglas explains, the concept is "a minimalist exercise in pure surfacing […] inspired by Ettore Bugatti’s principles of automotive design and the legacy of the original Aerolithe."

Bugatti Aerolithe Concept Design Sketch Bugatti Aerolithe Concept Rendering

In this case the doors – which integrate part of the dashboard – adopt an original opening system, dubbed "split opening canopy", which "adds drama to getting in and out gives easy access to the interior."

Bugatti Aerolithe Concept Interior Bugatti Aerolithe Concept Interior"The top parts take the dashboard up with them, whilst the steering column lifts into the space left by the door taking away a large part of bodywork."

Bugatti Aerolithe Concept RenderingBugatti Aerolithe Concept Rendering Bugatti Aerolithe Concept RenderingBugatti Aerolithe Concept Milled Model Bugatti Aerolithe Concept Milled Model

About the Designer

Douglas Hogg, 22 years old, is a recent graduate of Coventry University’s Automotive design course. He is currently seeking employment in the industrial design field.

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(Image Courtesy: Douglas Hogg)

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