Audi Axiom Concept

New Designers 16 Jul 2010
Audi Axiom Concept

The Audi Axiom Concept is a design study of a 2-seater sportscar designedfor the year 2015 with the goal of expressing beauty using the brand’s design tradition and styling language. It was created by Amar Vaya from Coventry University.

The Audi Axiom was created by Amar Vaya for his final project at Coventry University. Amar decided to evolve the brand’s trademark styling cues and design language in order to create a 2-seater sportscar for the year 2015 that would express beauty as a value in all of its forms.

Audi Axiom Concept Design SketchAudi Axiom Concept

As he explains, "[…] Axiom is a study into balancing proportion, surface tension and aesthetic emotion for the Audi brand."

Audi Axiom ConceptAudi Axiom ConceptThe concept of beauty was explored following two directions: the Audi’s tradition and the relationships with time: history, wisdom, knowledge and legacy.

Audi Axiom Concept Audi Axiom ConceptAudi Axiom ConceptThe design of the Axiom showcases a number of styling cues typical of Audi, such as the LED healights, the flowing lines with muscular shoulders, the arc-shaped roofline, the recently-introduced sharp edges.

All of them have been evolved and enhanced, which gives the car a distinctive character.

About the Designer

Amar Vaya has completed 4 years at Coventry University on the MDes Automotive Design course.

Contact Details:

(Image Courtesy: Amar Vaya)

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