Alfa Romo Vittorio Jano Concept

Automotive Design 16 Jul 2010
Alfa Romo Vittorio Jano Concept

Italian studio MPcardesign has presented the Alfa Romeo Vittorio Jano, a design study of a five-door sedan created with a series production in mind. It will be followed by a complete virtual model line-up within the year.

Named after the famous racing car designer Vittorio Jano (1891-1965), the prototype presented by Marco Procaccini from MPcardesign is a four-seater, five-door sedan which measures 4,650 x 1,830 x 1,400 mm.

Alfa Romeo Vittorio JanoThe design takes a different direction compared to the brand’s latest models, which are derived from the 8C Competizione.

The Jano presents an original evolution of the Alfa styling cues – as they appear on past models such as the 156 and 159 sedans.

These elements include the front-end modelled around the V-shaped badge, and the convex surfaces which do not have sharp edges.

The Vittorio Jano was created taking into consideration the actual feasibility, and was designed for a large series production.

Alfa Romeo Vittorio Jano Alfa Romeo Vittorio Jano It will be followed by other virtual models from the same author: from a compact sporty coupé to a sport wagon and a supercar concept.

Alfa Romeo Vittorio Jano Alfa Romeo Vittorio JanoAlfa Romeo Vittorio JanoFor more information visit


(Source: MPcardesign)

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