Subaru Impreza Berlinetta Concept

Automotive Design 17 Jun 2010
Subaru Impreza Berlinetta Concept

The Subaru Impreza Berlinetta Concept is a study of an extreme sportscar based on the platform and powertrain of the production-Impreza. The 2-seater coupé features a rear-mounted engine and a bold dynamic design. It was created by Italian company Beestudio.

Subaru Impreza Berlinetta ConceptThe Subaru Berlinetta is a study developed by Italian design firm Beestudio with the goal of proposing a Subaru sportscar that would appeal to an international audience while maintaining the brand’s core values.

Starting from the Subaru’s brand image in the Western markets, the designers have decided to put the accent on a state-of-the-art powertrain technology, and to design a bold style with a great personality, aimed at emphasizing the underlying technology rather than hiding it.

This idea was submitted to engineer Mauro Forghieri, who made a pre-feasibility study for a top-level sportscar that would adopt components from the production-Impreza and would be positioned in the same segment as the Ferrari Enzo and Ford GT40.

The result is a niche model with medium dimensions and a layout that features a coupé body style, a two-seats cabin, a rear-mounted boxer engine
coupled with a transaxle transmission.

Subaru Impreza Berlinetta ConceptSubaru Impreza Berlinetta ConceptTo achieve this configuration the original powertrain of the Impreza was rotated by 180 degrees, while maintaining the same wheelbase and overall length.

Subaru Impreza Berlinetta Concept Subaru Impreza Berlinetta ConceptAccording to the first studies, the frame could be a steel tubular chassis, while the body panels could be made of fiberglass, aluminium or carbon fiber, depending on the requirements in terms of quality and market targets.

(Source: Beestudio via Virtual Car)

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