“Introduction to Car Design” Summer 2010 Workshop

“Introduction to Car Design” Summer 2010 Workshop

“Introduction to Car Design” is a two-weeks workshop that will take place at the end of July 2010. Organized by Italian Domus Academy, the course will guide participant through the complete development of a city car.

The “Introduction to Car Design” Summer 2010 workshop is targeted to advanced-level students with a strong passion and good graphic and hand work skills.

DA Introduction To Car DesignThe course comprises a series of preparatory design lectures: historical research, languages, materials, sketching and presentation techniques. The course also includes a design session ending with the presentation of an individual project.

“Car design as a discipline is rapidly evolving. The future perspective for low impact urban vehicles offers new possibilities to arrange car interiors and new possibilities for the designers to interpret users needs and behaviors.

“The course offers a real design experience with specialized professionals, with the aim to develop innovative solutions for the interior of an urban compact vehicle.


  • Dates: 20-30 July 2010
  • Hours: 10:00am – 4:00pm
  • Language: English or Italian with simultaneous translation into English
  • Cost: 1250 euro + VAT

About Cem Cansu, Course and Project Leader

Cem Cansu is the coordinator of the Master Course in Car Design at Domus Academy. After achieving Bachelor in Industrial Design from Middle East Technical University in Ankara, he moved to Milan.

In 1999 he participated the course of Master in Design of Domus Academy for enhancing his international experience in Industrial Design and Interface Design for Digital Applications, preparing his master degree thesis for FIAT with supervision of Marco Susani and Ermanno Cressoni.

Since 1990, he has worked on several international projects/researches about communication strategies, Interaction Design and Industrial Design. His major professional interest is developing unique, intelligent solutions.

Some of the unique and innovative solutions that he developed for complex design problems are the guidelines which are used for the realization and management of the internet and intranet structures of the biggest Italian companies which are published in Italian press Media and became the subject of the seminars that he held in several universities.

For more information visit Domus Academy’s website.

(Source: Domus Academy)

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