Audi One Concept

New Designers 28 Jun 2010
Audi One Concept

The Audi One Cultural Achievement Award is a design study of a futuristic car conceived as a prestigious award to be driven by its winner for one year, with the goal of strengthening the brand’s values and image. It was created by design student Jason Battersby.

Audi One ConceptThe Audi One Cultural Achievement Award was Jason Battersby‘s final thesis project for the Transportation Design Masters Programme at the Umea Institute of Design.

As Jason explains, "the vehicle is designed as an award to celebrate cultural hero’s outstanding achievements.

"Inspired by the Stanley Cup of the National Hockey League, I wanted to create a vehicle that would be passed on to each winner and be driven for one year, collecting the names and experiences of these great individuals."

Developed in collaboration with Audi AG, the Concept is inspired by timeless objects and designed to represent a statement of Audi’s values of progressive design and sports appeal.

Audi One Concept Audi One Concept Audi One ConceptAudi One Concept Audi One ConceptAudi One Concept

About the Designer

Jason Battersby is a student of the Transportation Design Masters Programme at the Umea Institute of Design.

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(Source: Behance Network via AutoMotto)

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