Umeå’s UID Design Conferences on ‘Change’

Conferences 31 May 2010
Umeå’s UID Design Conferences on ‘Change’

The Institute of Design at Umeå University has announced this year’s UID Design Talks, that will take place on 2-3 June 2010. The conference will see the participation of Chris Bangle as main speaker and will include a showcase of the students’ degree projects.

On 2-3 June 2010 The Institute of Design at Umeå University is arranging the International conference UID Design Talks. The theme for the days is "Change".

Umea University Design ProjectThe main speaker Chris Bangle, former chief of design at BMW, will be making an appearance. In addition, about thirty industrial designers will be presenting their degree projects.

”We are currently living in an era of change. The environment around us is undergoing a radical change, the economy, the culture and the society likewise.

"Design has a unique ability to show what the future could be like – and actively make that future happen. And who would be better to show us where the future is going than 35 young and talented designers?” says Anna Valtonen, former head of design research at Nokia in Helsinki and now new rector at the Institute of Design.

Umea University Design Project”Our students vision design solutions for a broad variety of people, needs and environments.

"There is breast cancer screening for underserved communities, a platform for the youth to encourage support for the Red Cross and an orthopaedic swimming aid for those with special needs.

"We also present the aesthetics of sustainability and think about the sound landscape of electric cars. These just to mention a few projects that we worked with this year,” says Tapio Alakörkkö, head of the Institute of Design.

Since 2007, the Institute of Design has arranged the UID Design Talks – an inspiring design event which takes place at the same time as the opening of the annual graduation exhibition.

This year’s main speaker, Chris Bangle is known as the designer that has had the greatest influence on the car industry.

He is not afraid of breaking with traditions and has, among other things, developed the design of BMW, Mini Cooper and Rolls-Royce in order to adapt the to the new millennium.

Umea University Design ProjectAt present he is running a design bureau, Chris Bangle Associates, based in northern Italy. Under the UID Design Talks he will share his thoughts about change related to design work.

During the days, the students that have recently passed their examinations will present their degree projects and this event is a fantastic opportunity for them to network with chief designers from different companies.

Among others, representatives from Audi, Nokia, Husqvarna, Volvo, Samsung, Electrolux, Vodafone and Volkswagen will be participating.

During Anna Valtonen’s years at Nokia she was involved in the Institute of Design’s degree projects.

Umea University Design Project“I already knew that the projects maintain an extremely high level. I have nevertheless been surprised when I this year, for the first time, was able to follow the entire process from the inside.

"The Institute of Design simply bubbles with commitment, creativity and professionalism,” she added.

Additional information is available on and

(Source: Institute of Design, Umeå University)

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