Ducati, KTM and Vespa Concepts

New Designers 17 May 2010
Ducati, KTM and Vespa Concepts

A set of motorbike concepts which combine rétro design elements with modern technologies, including a KTM Café Racer/Scrambler, a Ducati sportsbike and a reintepretation of the Vespa scooter. They were created by transportation and industrial designer Daniele Pesaresi.

In this page we publish a series of motorcycle concepts created by Daniele Pesaresi, a former designer at Bonetto and Italdesign studios. These bikes are part of a design research which combines rétro elements with modern technologies giving birth to concepts deeply grounded into reality.

KTM Café Racer Scrambler

KTM Cafe Racer ScrablerBorn during the 1960s in the UK, the Café Racers became a successful phenomenon which spread into Germany and Italy.

The main characteristic of these motorcycles is represented by the many customization possibilities, especially in the vechicle exterior look, with the goal of expressing a sense of performance and speed. The modern cafè racers always adopt a rétro style.

On the other hand, "Scramblers" are street bikes which have been addapted for a slight off-road use. The KTM Cafè Racer originates from the union of these concepts.

Rétro design cues are mixed with a cast-tubular hybrid frame, a low center of gravity and a short wheelbase, with the goal of capturing the best from classic as well as modern sportsbikes.

Vespa Dolcevita

Vespa DolceVita ConceptThe Vespa Dolcevita is based on the shapely design of the original model of the 1950’s, with a styling reference to the "Corsa" racing versions, where the seat was positioned on the edge of the rear section, which integrates the engine compartment.

The result is a chopper-like Vespa, with a tear-drop shaped rear end and a slightly rearward-sloping seat. It features an essential instrumentation, with a reduced legshield and compact LED lights. The front fender is made of components inspired by the aeronautical world, which pays homage to the first Vespa models, built using parts taken from WWII planes.

At first glimpse, the overall design is balanced towards the rear, with this visual effect being mitigated by the the thin yet present front end.

Ducati Torquer

Ducati Torquer"Torquer" is the name of a brand new motorcycle segment – invented by the designer, which includes bikes with a very high torque which needs large cardan driveshaft components.

The cardan-engine section features carbon-fiber parts and is visually separated from the seat-forks upper part. The two parts are joined through a red steel tubular frame, a typical styling cue of the brand.

Distinctive design elements include the large handlebar, a flat seat – typical of off-road bikes and the receding and visually lightweight rear end. The bike is visually projected forwards, which is underlined by the carbon fork-covers.

About the Designer

Daniele Pesaresi is a transportation and industrial designer with past experiences at Bonetto Design and Italdesign Giugiaro. He currently works as Senior Designer at V12 Design.

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(Image Courtesy: Daniele Pesaresi)

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