Mercedes-Benz Hexawheel Concept

New Designers 18 May 2010
Mercedes-Benz Hexawheel Concept

The Hexawheel concept is a design study of an extreme off-road vehicle which combines a six-wheels layout and a flexible frame with a Mercedes-Benz-inspired design language. It was designed by Iranian engineer Siyamak Rouhi Dehkordi.

Created by Iranian mechanical engineer Siyamak Rouhi Dehkordi, the Hexawheel Concept is an extreme three-seater off-roader targeted to adventurous customers and people who need to move in extremely diffficult conditions and terrains.

Mercedes Benz Hexawheel ConceptMercedes Benz Hexawheel ConceptMercedes Benz Hexawheel Concept Mercedes Benz Hexawheel Concept

Mercedes Benz Hexawheel ConceptInspired by the jointed structure of insects, the Hexawheel is capable of overcoming large obstacles thanks to its flexible frame, which is combined with a six-wheels layout and an all-wheel-drive system.

The frame has two degrees of freedom and is operated with a hydraulic system; the diesel engine is coupled with a flexible hydraulic power transmission system.

Th main dimensions are a total length of 4.8 meters, two equal wheelbases of 0.95 meters and a ground clearance of 46 cm, while the weight is equally distributed among the three axles.

The exterior design uses angular shapes and an industrial look, interpreted for the Mercedes-Benz brand.

About the Designer

Siyamak Rouhi Dehkordi is a 35 years old Mechanical Engineer from Iran. He is currently working in at Iranian car company Saipa-Zamyad.

His Ferrari Zobin design study has been presented by Car Body Design in November 2008 and viewed more than 16,000 times.

Mercedes Benz Hexawheel ConceptMercedes Benz Hexawheel ConceptContact details

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(Image Courtesy: Siyamak Rouhi Dehkordi)

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