Proton EMAS

Automotive Design 24 Mar 2010
Proton EMAS

The updated official information and images on the Proton EMAS, the family of compact hybrid vehicles designed by Italdesign Giugiaro and presented by the Malaysian company at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show.

The EMAS vehicles introduced at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show were developed in partnership with Malaysian manufacturer PROTON and based on a plug-in hybrid drive system designed by Lotus Engineering with the aim of optimising the available on-board space and car access ergonomics.

Proton Emas 3 Doors Exterior Proton Emas 3 Doors ExteriorThe name, Emas, meaning “gold” in Malay, is the acronym for Eco Mobility Advanced Solutions.

At the Geneva Show Italdesign Giugiaro has introduced three configurations of the compact car family:

  • Emas Comfort: hatchback saloon, five doors, four seats, length of 3550 mm, hybrid drivetrain in Comfort
  • Emas Country: hatchback saloon, three doors, five seats, length of 3550 mm, hybrid drivetrain in a Country
  • Emas3 City: hatchback saloon, three doors, 3+1 Plus seats, 3 metres in length in City outfit with plug-in electric drive

The platform, specially designed by Italdesign Giugiaro for this car family, includes a raised floorpan that is able to accommodate the hybrid or electric system batteries in the centre.

Proton Emas Country Exterior Proton Emas Country Exterior

The raised position of the seats, all electrically adjustable, allows passengers to make the best possible use of the interior space.

Proton Emas Exterior Proton Emas Exterior

The combination of these two design features makes the actions of getting into and out of the car very user-friendly, particularly at the rear. The levels of convenience are comparable only to those of a few other higher-category cars.

Proton Emas Exterior Proton Emas ExteriorThe seat H point (corresponding to the passenger hip position) is located higher than that of mass-produced cars but lower than that of an SUV.

The drive system is a series hybrid plug-in developed by Lotus Engineering, a Proton Group company. It includes a 3 cylinder 1.2 litre internal combustion engine developing 51 horsepower (38 kW) at 3500 rpm that can run on petrol, ethanol, or methanol.

Proton Emas Exterior Proton Emas ExteriorAcceleration 0-100 km/h takes place in 14 seconds, top speed is 170 km/h and battery range in the hybrid configuration is 50 km. Full recharging of the battery pack takes three hours using a traditional 240-volt outlet.

Proton Emas Exterior Proton Emas Exterior

(Source: Italdesign, Proton)

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