Supercar Design 2010

Conferences 10 Feb 2010
Supercar Design 2010

Italian association Assomotoracing has organized "Supercar Design 2010", a conference focused on the development of iconic supercars of the past, present and future. It will take place on 3 May 2010 in Bobbio, Italy and will see the presence of some famous designers.

Supercar Design 2010 is the first edition of a conference that will take place in the suggestive art city of Bobbio (near Piacenza, Northern Italy) on next 3 May 2010.

The event be about creative, functional and technological Supercars of yesterday, today and tomorrow, seen from Style Masters’ point of view.

A number of exceptional protagonists will speak about the creative paths that have given rise to iconic supercars capable of exciting the public, interpreting the trends and being ahead of their times.

The event will give the opportunity for meetings and debates, with the goal of promoting a cultural growth and support the local automotive heritage, while conveying the added value of professional skills and emotions.

The Conference will be held under the Patronage of the Regione Emilia-Romagna, Comune di Bobbio. The event is sponsored by Assomotoracing’s "Body and Design" Research Center, with the collaboration of the Institute of Applied Arts and Design (IAAD), Turin.

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(Source: Assomotoracing)

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