Magna Steyr: Mobility and Diversity

Automotive Design 28 Feb 2010
Magna Steyr: Mobility and Diversity

An overview of the activities of the Design Studio at Magna Steyr, the international automotive supplier based in Graz, Austria. At the next Geneva Motor Show the studio led by Andreas Wolfsgruber will present a new concept developed in partnership with Mini.

Mobility and Diversity

Andreas Wolfsgruber, Chief Designer, Magna Steyr Andreas Wolfsgruber, Chief Designer, Magna Steyr

The city of Graz, just south of the Austrian Alps, is the home of a highly skilled and motivated design team.

Magna Steyr’s Design studio, led by Andreas Wolfsgruber, is a key component of the company’s Advanced Development department.

Over the last few years, through their own range of mila showcars and through the production cars which they have helped to develop, they have influenced the industry’s and the public’s perception of Magna Steyr as a creative and forward-looking international concern.

The studio’s main focus is on transportation design, including cars, trucks, and tractors.

BMW 8 cylinder engine design, Magna Steyr Design team The first Mila concept, Tim Doherty and Andreas Wolfsgruber
BMW 8 cylinder engine design The first Mila concept, 2005

The members of this international team complement each other as they each have their own strongpoint in addition to sketching and a love of all things automotive, be it virtual modelling, visualising, colour and trim, or graphic design.

2008 Mila Alpin, Tim Doherty and team 2009 Mila EV, Tim Doherty and team
2008 Mila Alpin Mila EV Concept

2009 Mila EV Interior, Markus Knabl“I can sum up the team with these three words,“ said Andreas Wolfsgruber; “inspiration, spirit and passion.”

The award-winning team is built on a diverse range of experiences and personalities.

The designers have their own creative and artistic approach to their work, taking inspiration from varied interests including music, fine art, photography and outdoor sports.

With combined in-house strengths in design and engineering, and the fact that a number of different cars are actually built at their plant in Graz, they can offer the complete package from first sketch to serial production.

Magna Steyr Powertrain ECS ECO Truck, Christian KrugThis gives them a strong competitive edge and, crucially, the ability to come through the continuing global economic crisis.

The number of requests from vehicle manufacturers has been steadily increasing over the last few years, as has the number of actual orders.

As a team they are visionary, and have the ability to think both conceptually and within tight constraints.

Their key to success is that they are capable of seeing their own ideas through but can also adapt to work within a vehicle manufacturer’s design studio for the duration of a project.

Design Sketches by Johannes Geisler Misc Design Sketches, Achim Schmidt

Thus they have become integrated and accepted as production design partners to a number of the world’s top automotive marques.

Now regulars at the Geneva Motorshow, for 2010 Magna Steyr presents a design concept which was developed in partnership with Mini’s Design studio.

Magna Steyr Design Sketch, Philipp EberlWith such a bright and dedicated team, the future looks positive for Magna Steyr design, and they have secured some interesting projects for the current year.

The studio is set on an upward trajectory and already has a number of satellite studios in strategic locations in Europe and Asia, thereby increasing their global presence and ensuring good communication with their long-term clients.

For more information on Magna Steyr, visit the official website.

(Source: Magna Steyr)

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