Design a Car Unlike a Car competition

Design a Car Unlike a Car competition

Italian Domus Academy has launched a design contest named "Design a car unlike a car" which asks participants to go beyond the boundaries of exterior beauty. The prizes are scholarships for the 2010/2011 academic year. The deadline is 31 March 2010.

After the two editions of the “Desire Design Competition”, Italian Domus Academy has started a brand new contest titled “Design a car unlike a car”.

The contest invites designers to go beyond the boundaries of “exterior beauty”, to identify the “neglected needs” that have been ignored for decades and to propose a solution for them.

The competition is open to any designer (professional or student). The three best projects will be awarded with three scholarships covering respectively 70%, 50%, 30% of the total tuition fee for Domus Academy Master in Car Design – Academic Year 2010-2011 .

The submission deadline is 31 March 2010.

All candidates who send their project as participation to the competition will receive an award consisting of 10% discount on the tuition fee to attend the Master in Car Design.

For further information you can visit the competition’s official page.

Competition Background

A beautiful car by itself is powerless. Its’ value and significance comes from intelligent scenarios and context of use which builds the balance between materials and technology that leads into innovative and successful solutions.

There has been various handcrafted solutions in the early 1300’s to transport people from one point to another by historically acclaimed inventors utilizing the popular materials of their era like wood and metal.

In 1800’s, mass-production technologies and invention of plastics provided the opportunity for the first official “car” models to appear.

In 1900’s, the technological heritage of the world wars – engineering, ergonomy and mass production- defined the outline of today’s automobile production companies.

In 2000’s, the popular approach was “to give more than expected” for the sake of competition which promoted superficial “styling” in exterior & “techno-logical integration” in interior design and indicated the first signs of an incoming crisis in automotive sector.

Today, in 2010, “large companies” are being bought by larger ones. Cars are looking like each other regardless of their brand difference. People are changing their cars continuously in pursuit of the latest trend which looks like a carbon copy of the previous model.

(Source: Domus Academy)

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