V Concept

New Designers 18 Jan 2010
V Concept

The V Concept is a study of a modern four-seater sportscar that pays homage to the 1967 Chevrolet Impala, reinterpreting in a modern way the proportions and a number of styling cues of the 1960s American Muscle Cars. The designer is Italian student Fabio Ferrante.

Created by Italian design student Fabio Ferrante, the V Concept is a modern four seater inspired by the American muscle cars of the past. It features generous dimensions (5 meters in legnth) and a strong muscular look.

V Concept V Concept
Speaking about the project, Fabio Ferrante explains: "My plans for the ‘V’ began in September 2009 when I decided to create an automobile dedicated to my girlfriend whose first initial is in fact the letter V."

V ConceptV ConceptThe “V” is a 4 seater coupé intended for comfort, luxury and the pleasure of driving without forgetting the obvious sportiness typical of the muscle cars of the end of the 60s.

1967 Chevrolet Impala Sport Coupe C 1967 Chevrolet Impala Sport Coupe 1967 Chevrolet Impala Supernatural
Source: Brown Sales Source: PBase.com Source: A Darker Vision
The 1967 Chevrolet Impala, the main inspiration for the V Concept

The main inspiration, which eventually turned the project into a sort of tribute, came from one of his favorite cars: the ’67 Chevrolet Impala, featured in the famous TV series “Supernatural”.

V Concept Design Sketch V Concept Design SketchV Concept Design Sketch"With this concept I didn’t want to do a re-design or a retro-design of the glorious aforementioned American model, instead I chose to create a model of my own which could at the same time be a tribute to the style that I’ve always admired and always looked upon as an icon of the American muscle cars which, with their imposing and almost exaggerated muscular build, create a study of form and elegance which isn’t always easy to achieve."

The most distinctive and obvious feature of the “V” is the imposing “third volume” typical of all the Impala models since the year it was created.

Another fundamental element is the shape of the side, which can easily be traced back to the Impala’s own DNA.

V Concept"The fluidity of that area is, I think, one of the parts best conceived by the American designers of those times."

"And finally, a detail from the Sport Coupé model that I wanted to faithfully recapture is the rear window, which falls harmoniously on the tail end of the car and almost entirely covers it.

"There are also some hints at details of the muscle cars of that time period such as the very long hood, the front bump which is less visible with respect to the rest of the body of the car, the slant of the side windows, etc.

The dominant theme is the concept’s name itself; the letter V is in fact the main source of inspiration for concept’s design and as can be seen it is evoked in several features of the concept.

The “V”s spacious surface was studied to offer a feeling of complete immersion in the surrounding environment making trips more pleasurable, not only for the driver, but for the passengers as well.

V Concept V ConceptThe car’s approximate dimensions are 5,000 mm in length, 2,000mm in width, and a height of about 1,400mm. Ideally, the designer predicted the use of a hybrid powertrain.

About the Designer

Fabio Ferrante was born in Cirie’ (Turin) in 1983 and has had a passion for cars and motorcycles since the age of three.

Upon completing high school, Fabio enrolled in the Polytechnic Institute of Turin. His experiences in the field of Transportation Design include an internship in the Fiat Design research center, and contacts with Pietro Camardella, Bruno Giardino, Wolfgang Egger and Roberto Giolito.

Contact details:

(Image Courtesy: Fabio Ferrante)

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