Maserati Tramontane Concept

New Designers 28 Jan 2010
Maserati Tramontane Concept

The Maserati Tramontane Concept is a luxury electric supercar with a futuristic design characterized by flowing elements that form different layers and interconnect the exterior and the interior. The author is Czech design student Ondrej Jirec.

The Maserati Tramontane is a lightweight electric luxury supercar with an original design focused on the reduction of the total number of body parts and the simplification of the production process by combining exterior and interior elements.

Maserati TramontaneMaserati Tramontane

It was created by Czech student Ondrej Jirec for his Alias class at the Art Center College of Design. Among the distinctive features of the Maserati Tramontane’s design are the components and body panels which flow from the interior to the exterior.

Maserati TramontaneMaserati Tramontane These parts have different function, color, material and characteristics and create layers that add different "dimensions" and define an original design language.

Maserati Tramontane Concept Sketch Maserati Tramontane Concept SketchThe first layer is a glass surface with a sculpted design, which envelops the car and is supported by a black frame which is mounted on the chassis.

Maserati Tramontane Maserati TramontaneThe second layer includes the headlamps and the dashboard. These two pieces, one on each side, carry the front LED lights and smoothly flow back into the interior where they protect the speakers and air vents.

Maserati Tramontane Concept Alias ScreenshotThe third layer gives form to the bottom part of seats and, as it reaches the exterior, also carries the taillights.

This particular part has very high resistance to impact. In case of side impact the seat and chassis work together to provide the occupant with high protection.

In the event of a tail collision, the rear part contains a crumple zone that can collapse, so the seats remain protected.

The fourth layer, placed at the front, serves as motor compartment coverage and also as a dashboard.

This element is attached to the chassis and hides motors, frame, and all the electronics.

Maserati Tramontane Concept Alias Screenshot Maserati Tramontane Concept Alias Screenshot

Maserati TramontaneThe car’s proportions start low and wide in the front end and lighten up towards the back, ending with a rear section that resembles the blossom of a flower and showcasing an aerodynamic teardrop side silhouette.

At 4,250mm in length the Maserati Tramontane is just 50mm shorter than the Lamborghini Gallardo.

At 1170mm, the height is approximately the same as the Gallardo as well.

Ingress/egress is very comfortable thanks to the gull-wing doors that are hinged to the main frame supporting the roof.

The interior design is very clean and simple due to the fact that the Tramontane is an open car. The dashboard is dominated by a large gauge with a digital display.

Maserati Tramontane Interior Maserati Tramontane InteriorMaserati Tramontane Interior

Maserati Tramontane InteriorThe interior structural pillars behind passenger seats take clues from the Maserati Birdcage and create a link to the Maserati history.

The proposed drivetrain features a four wheel drive system with the front wheels powered by an electric motor and the rear wheels powered by two in-wheel motors.

This package allows the car to have a good amount of luggage space in the back.

About the Designer

Ondrej Jirec was born in Prague, in 1988. After completing high-school he moved to Los Angeles to study at the Art Center College of Design where he is currently enrolled in fourth term.

His Audi O Concept was published on Car Body Design back in October 2008.

Maserati Tramontane Rendering Maserati Tramontane Rendering Maserati Tramontane RenderingContact details:

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(Image Courtesy: Ondrej Jirec)

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