Audibleyes ALS Concept

New Designers 11 Dec 2009
Audibleyes ALS Concept

Audibleyes ALS Concept – "The Eyes of Audi" – is a design study of a futuristic vehicle based on the "Automotive Lighting Sculpture". It features an artificial lighting system which creates a unique look of the exterior. It was created by Bulgarian Teodor Kyuchukov

Audibleyes ALS ConceptThe abbreviation ALS stands for the term "Automotive Lighting Sculpture" – a creative method that uses artificial lighting systems (LED technology) to make the car body recognizable at night.

The application of this philosophy to the design process provides a higher level of creative freedom in using techniques for drawing the outlines of the vehicles.

"Audibleyes" received the special prize at the Desire Design Contest 2009 organized by Domus Academy & Audi. It combines Audi’s monolithic formal language with the theme of "The Eyes of Audi".

The project was developed under the promotion of Prof. Cvetomir Konov and Prof. Dr. Radoslav Kyuchukov – University of Ruse, Bulgaria.

Audibleyes ALS Concept Audibleyes ALS Concept Audibleyes ALS Concept

As Teodor Kyuchukov explains “cars remain invisible in the dark, and what is visible are the numerous moving couples of white and red dots, from a distance of 100 meters”.

Audibleyes ALS Concept"There is nothing wrong when an owner of a certain modern vehicle puts extra lighting inside or outside his car – actually this is his own attempt to identify and express his personality or mood. However, I do believe that it will become a significant problem which the automotive designer will have to manage with in very near future."

The exterior lighting concept, aimed to accentuate on the vehicle’s silhouette, uses two types of light – diffusive light for the car’s silhouette and direct flow of light for the car’s headlights. The sculptural design allowed for interesting play with light, shape and movement of colours from white to red.

About the Designer

Audibleyes ALS Concept A presentation of the Audibleyes project at the National Conference on
Industrial Design and Ergonomics – Technical University Sofia, Bulgaria

Teodor Kyuchukov – "Dorteo" is a Ph.D. student at the University of Ruse "Angel Kanchev", Bulgaria, Department of Industrial Design and has participated in a number of national and international design competitions and conferences.

He has been working on the Automotive Lighting Sculpture experiment for more than 4 academic years.

In 2006 he develped the "A’KIMONO" project, awarded at the Desire Design Contest 2007, organized by Domus Academy and Style Bertone.

In 2008 Teodor presented the evolution of the project, named A’KIMONO LS2.0.

Contacts Details:

(Image Courtesy: Teodor Kyuchukov)

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