Toyota Link Concept

Concept Cars 10 Nov 2009
Toyota Link Concept

The Toyota Link is a design study of an affordable personal mobility vehicle targeted to the students of the year 2030. Among the features are the possibility of interconnecting two vehicles and downloading new skins to transform the car’s exterior.

Toyota LinkCreated by Toyota’s Calty Design Research
and submitterd to the LA Design Challenge 2009, the link concept is a futuristic low-cost vehicle tatgeted to young customers and focused on social networking and personalization.

Two Links can be connected to create a two-seater vehicle, while the exterior carbon fiber body can be customized via the downloadable skins.


With the college enrollment rate at an estimated 81%, the youth of 2030 are one of the most intelligent and proactive generations yet.

Toyota LinkThe Toyota LINK is an affordable customizable, mass transit vehicle for students with high social networking demands and continuously evolving preferences.

With little-to-no disposable income, these students are now able to once again enjoy their commute in a world where transportation has become more expensive and less appealing.

Students can meet at various HUBs to pick up their LINKs. Once occupied, the LINK seamlessly links onto a transportation social network, allowing connections with other drivers to share the commute, trade music, or compare class schedules.

Toyota Link Design Panel Toyota Link Design Panel Toyota Link Design PanelMade with Toyota’s patented electro fiber technology, "LINK SKINZ" can be downloaded to digitally transform the vehicle’s shape into a personalized exterior design.

In place of traditional wheels, the LINK drives on SPHERES made of an electro conductive material that converts friction into energy, recharging the batteries and satisfying the driver’s high standards of a maximized eco-friendly vehicle.

Toyota Link Concept – Information


  • President: Kevin Hunter Design
  • Manager: Erwin Lui
  • Designer: Miljan Jevremovic

(Source: LA Design Challenge)

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