Nissan V2G [UNLMTD]

Concept Cars 9 Nov 2009
Nissan V2G [UNLMTD]

Presented at the LA Design Challenge 2009, the Nissan V2G Concept (Vehicle-to-Grid) is a vision of a future Electric Vehicle designed for a high-speed network which also offers many personalization opportunities to creative young customers.

Nissan V2G UNLMTD Design PanelAt the LA Design Challenge 2009 Nissan has proposed a
futuristic single seater electric vehicle developed in the year 2030 for a high-speed infrastructure called the GRID – V2G stands for Vehicle-to-Grid – which becomes popular among young drivers who discoer the endless possibilities of customization.


In the years leading up to 2030, the electrification of the nation’s highways leads to the creation of a new ultra-efficient, high speed network called the ‘GRID’.

Nissan’s ‘ON-GRID’ compliant vehicle for the year 2030 is the V2G (Vehicle-to-Grid).

Wildly popular with consumers thanks to its low cost, dynamic styling and quality construction, the V2G is the best selling electric vehicle of its time.

Nissan’s comprehensive and affordable range of GRID access plans (similar to mobile phone plans) have also helped to make V2G the market leader.

Nissan V2G UNLMTD Nissan V2G UNLMTD In the spirit of LA’s legendary automotive counter-culture, creative young minds see untapped potential in the V2G. Taking advantage of the simple and user friendly EV architecture, they quickly hack the V2G, take it ‘OFF-GRID’ and begin to explore the virtually endless opportunities of this newly created vehicle segment.

Nissan V2G UNLMTD Nissan V2G UNLMTDNissan V2G UNLMTD Nissan V2G UNLMTDNissan V2G [UNLMTD] Concept – Information


  • Stephen Moneypenny
  • Ryan Campbell
  • Satoru Hasegawa
  • Hanu Yoo
  • Randy Rodroguez

Design Team

  • Ann Ngo – research
  • Ray Devers – color & materials
  • Derek Millsap – digital designer
  • Matt Wilson – digital designer
  • James Cronin – visualization
  • Don Sondys – visualization

(Source: LA Design Challenge)

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