Rally Fighter debuts at SEMA Show

Special Cars 4 Nov 2009
Rally Fighter debuts at SEMA Show

At the SEMA Show Local Motors has unveiled the prototype of the Rally Fighter, the off-road racer developed in just 15 months through the innovative crowdsourcing design process. The four-seater car is powered by a BMW 3.0 liter diesel engine and will go on sale on summer 2010.

The Rally Fighter was unveiled at the Las Vegas SEMA Show in in the "Making Green Cool Zone". The Off-Road Racer is aggressive, sleek and inspired by old War Birds, and has the heritage of legacy with fresh appeal.

Rally Fighter At SEMA Rally Fighter At SEMA Rally Fighter At SEMA

Rally Fighter PrototypeThe story of this vehicle is in its revolutionary yet simple development process – it was designed and developed by a community of car enthusiasts.

Now home to over 4,000 car designers, engineers and enthusiasts, the Local Motors community is the only to bring a new car to market.

The Rally Fighter offers an authentic off-of-road experience, and is custom designed and built for the deserts of the American Southwest.

It was designed by community member Sangho Kim while many Local Motors’ members participated in the open development process.

Rally Fighter RenderingTogether with the company they helped collaborate on body design details, side vent creation, interior and even accessory design.

The Rally Fighter is powered by a BMW 3.0 liter twin-turbo clean diesel delivering 265 hp and 425 pound-feet (576 Nm) of torque at only 1750rpm that are transferred to the rear wheels through a 6-speed automatic transmission.

The Rally Fighter is lightweight at only 3,200 pounds (1,450 kg) which allows for great performance and efficiency.

The car is debuting in SEMA sponsored "Making Green Cool Zone". At 30-36mpg (12.8-15.3 km/l) , the Rally Fighter is competing for most efficient in its desert off-road class.

In addition, Local Motors utilizes a sustainable build methodology and builds cars "Just-In-Time". This process creates little or no waste, and allows customers to actually participate in the build process of their own Rally Fighter.

Rally Fighter Prototype Rally Fighter Rendering Rally Fighter Rendering

Local Motors builds cars with customers in regional Micro-Factories which double as service stations. The first Micro-Factory is in Wareham, Massachusetts, and the second will be built in Phoenix, Arizona in 2010. Local Motors plans for 50 Micro-Factories around the country.

Rally Fighter Prototype Rally Fighter Prototype Rally Fighter DimensionsThis enthusiast experience continues as Local Motors allows customers to host "Custom Car Skins" Competitions on local-motors.com.

Local Motors designers compete to create custom graphics to for Rally Fighter owners based on desired specifications- every outcome is unique.

The graphics are applied with vinyl, not paint, which is lightweight, customizable, and recyclable.

Rally Fighters are now available for reservation at www.local-motors.com/rf.
Early builds will begin this Summer, 6/8/10.

At this years Business Innovation Factory, Local Motors CEO, John Rogers gives insight into his company and how to fix the American automobile industry.

(Source: Local Motors)

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