Honda Skydeck Concept

Concept Cars 30 Sep 2009
Honda Skydeck Concept

At the 2009 Tokyo Motor Show Honda will unveil the Skydeck Concept, a six-seater hybrid MPV focused on interior space and comfort. The cabin features a minimalistic design and a center tunnel which integrates the battery and powertrain components.

Set to debut at the next Tolyo Motor Show (24 October – 4 November 2009) the Honda Skydeck Concept is a design study of a 6-seater hybrid MPV characterized by the combination of B-pillarless design with scissors front doors and sliding rear doors.

Honda Skydeck Concept Honda Skydeck Concept Honda Skydeck ConceptTo give the Skydeck the practicality of a conventional MPV, many of the hybrid system components – including the high power battery – are housed in the car’s centre tunnel (rather than behind the rear seats or under the floor, as with previous production hybrids). This allows for greater cabin space, and the room for three rows of two seats. It also gives a lower centre of gravity.

Honda Skydeck Concept InteriorHonda Skydeck Concept Interior"This is still a design study, but is a great example of how Honda’s IMA technology can be placed in a range of different cars for different needs."

Honda Skydeck Concept Interior Honda Skydeck Concept Interior Honda Skydeck Concept InteriorThe Skydeck could preview a replacement modelf for the European FR-V, which has a six -seat layout with two rows of individual seats.

(Source: Honda)

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