IED Thesis 2009: Aston Martin Concept

Design Schools 2 Sep 2009
IED Thesis 2009: Aston Martin Concept

The thesis project developed by the final year students of the post-diploma Transportation Design Course at IED Turin, academic year 2008-2009. The brief was to create an Aston Martin concept car for the year 2025.

Aston Martin PT220609 Concept Aston Martin PT220609 Concept

The brief assigned to the final year students of the IED Turin Three Year post-diploma Transportation Design – car design course (a.y. 2008-2009) – was to create an Aston Martin for the near future.

The students have been working on a car tailored for the 2025 market, "a car capable of providing an interpretation of the needs of the near future while remaining consistent with the brand and its mix of passion and elegance."

Aston Martin Sattva Aston Martin Sattva Concept

The students were not constrained to any form of limitation with regards to the car’s packaging or architecture.

One condition however had to be met: the technology involved in the car’s design had to be feasibly developed within the next 5 years.

The project saw a first stage of conceptual research during which the students, taking the brand’s values as their starting point, worked on various facets of the concept of exclusivity, a corner stone element that has always featured in Aston Martin cars.

The research continued with an analysis of the 2025 scenario from which the class obtained further useful elements for the subsequent development of the project.

Gotha Concept Gotha Concept

The conceptual research carried out by the various teams were summed up in a video which provided an indication of the extreme visual power of the key concepts that were at the basis of the project: exclusivity, elegance, sporting style matched with the idea of sharing and emotion.

During the second stage the young designers had to exploit the design elements and the formal language they had developed during the earlier step, in order to come up with both the interiors and the exterior design of an actual car, ideally suited to fulfil the requirements of a hypothetical 2025 market, and capable of generating emotion and being identified as possessing the character of the Aston Martin brand.

Luxury Cocoon Concept Luxury Cocoon Concept

The 43 students were divided up into 17 teams coordinated by Fulvio Fantolino, Transportation Design – Car Design Course Coordinator and head of the F&F Design Studio.

On the 6th of May last the class visited the Aston Martin site in Gaydon (Great Britain) where the team headed by Marek Reichman provided the students with useful indications for the final development of the project.

The proposals put forward by each team were subsequently narrowed down and the 13 chosen projects were developed either as an alias or in clay.

Aston Martin Symbiosis Aston Martin Symbiosis

A further selection led to the short listing of 8 project that were then produced in 1:4 scale models thanks to the collaboration with Cecomp, while the remaining 5 were developed as virtual models.

The project ended with the presentation of the various project by the teams and the assigning of thesis votes.

Great importance at this stage was given to the feedback provided by Aston Martin’s Julian Wiltshire, Design Manager of the British car manufacturer.

The projects can be viewed at the IED headquarters in Via San Quintino, 39 – Turin until the 30th of September 2009 from 9 am to 1 pm and 2 pm to 6 pm.

For more information visit

Below we report the official information on the selected projects.

Luxury Cocoon Concept by Bersi, Céleriér, Lazzarini, Liuzzi

Luxury Cocoon Concept originated in a period in which luxury is no more opulence and flaunt, mainly for Aston Martin brand that has always been considered synonymous of sobriety and simplicity.

Luxury Cocoon Concept Luxury Cocoon Concept

We want to rouse deep, visual and driving and emotions for a few lucky persons who see their car not only as a mean of transport, optimizing the relationship between technology and nature, but also trying to create a stronger one between the car and its only one owner: the driver.

Libido: Amore e Psiche by Barbera, Guerri, Vecchiatini

Everything needs his opposite to exist and harmony is just the meeting of them. In 2025 the target year of the concept, humanity will never give up neither the crazy passion nor the controlled reason…

Libido Concept

Libido Concept

"We will try to reach both, idealizing an equilibrium, the harmony. Harmony sculpted in the dramatic embrace of Eros and Psyche, respectively the impulsive and cool-headed side of people, evolves into the sculpture by Antonio Canova “Amore e Psiche”.

"We read this frozen moment like the flash of something that is never happening except inside our thought, driving us to follow an eternal dream of perfection."

Gotha Concept by Burrelli, Cauchi, Liotine

"We imagine a near future in which cynicism prevails, a transposition of a situation already present at global scale, focalized on the city of London."

Gotha Concept Gotha Concept

The concept that came out of this vision is meant to underline the absurdity of amoral and merciless behaviours inborn in mankind, the insane conviction of arising above everything else. Our 2025 scenery takes on the architectural features typical of the gothic, sharpened in their tension toward the sky, as well as man try to reach it due to his inborn yearning.

PT220609 Concept by Beisans, Das, Tomorad

PT220609 concept is the result of searching deep into Aston Martin’s heritage and extracting what created the first spark, the passion for motor sports.

Aston Martin PT220609 Concept Aston Martin PT220609 Concept

Design is influenced by aerodynamics and allows air to pass through the nose of the vehicle flowing through the exterior and the interior panels to supply the driver, the engine and all the other essential mechanical parts with air, also creating down force. The vehicle appearance is characterized by the simplicity and purity found in product design giving it timeless elegance.

Symbiosis Concept by Bertoldi, Hong Seob An, Luciani, Tinfena

The relationship between two different species of organisms that are independent, each gaining benefits from the other. Symbiosis is a common element of nature.

Aston Martin Symbiosis Aston Martin Symbiosis

With our project we want to offer the costumer an opportunity: the chance to go back to the origins of Aston Martin, when cars were created to be adapted to natural conditions. We want to bring back the symbiosis between man, nature and automobile, with these three elements in a perfect balance.

Aston Martin Vestige by Bernardi, Fincato, Magrini

The project took inspiration from the noble Egyptian origins of Aston Martin’s logo, representing the scarab’s wings, taken from the god of creation, Khepri, identified with the little insect. The car’s name takes also origin from this ancient inspiration, Vestige, like something that is still proving the greatness of the culture that inspired S.C.H. Davis, the driver that in 1932 designed the winged logo, from his love for Egyptian art.

Aston Martin Vestige Aston Martin Vestige

The car can pass from one to three seats according to driver’s needs: in sport mode it is an extreme sport car, that hugs only the driver and gives him the best feeling in driving, using all the power that four electric engines and a supercharged wankel can give. The GT mode is instead a three seats car, full electric, comfortable and silent, no emissions, no pollution, only elegance and sport feeling for three.

Aston Martin Sattva by Gallego, Trefolello, Vettorato

Men are not satisfied of thing’s surface, but want, through researching, to go deep into every aspect of life understanding theirselves, the world and the relationships that are between them.

Aston Martin Sattva Aston Martin Sattva

The seeking is yet a finding. The senses are what link you to the world and your body is your medium to experience this world. […] Imagine being wrapped into a second skin that allows you to observe and be observed.

Being in syntony with yourself will take you to be in syntony with anything else. Imagine to be able to feel the interaction as a fusion. Imagine not having a method of transportation, but of communication.

Elate by Domanin, Lafata, Nallur, Tarantino

Our car was brought into life keeping in mind the need of integrating pure human feelings and his surroundings while still keeping the exclusivity, elegance and dynamism that are the core values of Aston Martin brand. “ELATE” as we have called it, is a three-seater, front engined hybrid car.

Aston Martin Elate Aston Martin Elate

The interior of the car is designed in such a way that it makes up an ambience which gives a varied and specific emotion both to the passenger and to the driver. The exterior design draws inspiration from flower, thus preserving the essence of purity and realism.

The Captured Beauty by Gomes Husmen Schultz

It is a vehicle where necessity to function controls design. A study in its simplicity, for one purpose a representation that begins with the idea that becomes a concept. Art, transformed into a sculpture, designs gradually taking shape into a kinetic sculpture.

(Source: IED)

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