Mazda MX-5 Superlight Concept preview

Concept Cars 5 Aug 2009
Mazda MX-5 Superlight Concept preview

Mazda has unveiled the first images of the MX-5 Superlight, a show car designed at the company’s Frankfurt-based studio that combines lightweight technologies with improved handling and efficiency and a radical exterior design with no windshield.

The Mazda MX-5 Superlight version is a show car that captures the pure essence of the popular roadster which is celebrating its 20th anniversary and is currently the best-selling two-seat sports car in the world.

Mazda MX-5 Superlight Interior SketchDesigned at Mazda’s studio in Frankfurt, Germany, the Mazda MX-5 Superlight version is a pure show car that takes Mazda’s lightweight technology for to a new level, improving driving performance, handling, fuel economy and CO2 emissions.

This is combined with a radical exterior design requiring no windshield, and sporty chassis settings for pure roadster driving fun.

The new Mazda MX-5 Superlight version will be unveiled at the 63rd Frankfurt Motor Show, which will be held from September 15 through 27, 2009.

(Source: Mazda)

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