Rally Fighter Light Bar Competition: the winner

Rally Fighter Light Bar Competition: the winner

Local Motors has announced the results of its Rally Fighter Light Bar engineering competition. The winning project selected for entering production as an accessory for the Rally Fighter off-roader is the Baja Roof Light kit designed by Australian Filip Tejszerski.

Rally Fighter Baja Light Kit Design PanelLocal Motors has announced the winner of their first open source engineering competition; a challenge to design the Light Bar for the upcoming production vehicle, the Rally Fighter.

The winning project was the "Rally Fighter Baja Roof Light Kit" designed by Filip Tejszerski of Sidney, Australia.

Filip was one of 12 finalists chosen to compete in the Local Motors Engineering Light Bar Competition.

The Rally Fighter Baja Light Kit includes:

  • Rally Fighter Baja Light Kit BlueprintAerodynamic light cluster
  • Four 8 inch BAJA SPEC rally spotlights
  • Robust and light weight bracket
  • Curved light cluster assembly to provide peripheral lighting
  • Anti-glare vinyl windscreen sticker
  • Pin locking system for quick and easy operation
  • Top side air scoop to provide protection for lights as well as cabin cooling

Filip’s "Rally Fighter Baja Light Kit" is the favorite light bar due to the marriage of form and function, specific to the unique Rally Fighter. Customers in Arizona are excited to see the cooling mechanism integrated into the top of the vehicle all while evoking the original P-51 fighter plane inspiration.

Rally Fighter Baja Light Kit Design PanelFilip earned the competition reward of a SolidWorks CAD seat courtesy of R&D Technology, as well as $500 and best of all, his name will be on every Light Bar built from his design.

Tejszerski designed the Baja Light Kit to fit not only the overall Rally Fighter aesthetic, but also the specific Rally Fighter dimensions.

"The only reason he was able to accomplish this, was because he understood thevehicle so vividly.

"Filip has long participated in Rally Fighter development as part of the online community and understands not only the initial vehicle inspiration and purpose, but also has contact with customers and fellow enthusiasts."

Local Motors is one of the only car companies to provide open source chassis data for a production vehicle. Jay Rogers, Local Motors’ CEO, is certain this open source methodology will have multiple positive effects.

In the next great step to create a dynamic customer-focused experience, Local Motors will continue to make Rally Fighter chassis data available to the world.

Soon, as Rally Fighter accessory development grows, Local Motors will create a space for community members to sell their own accessory designs. "The effect will be much like that of the App Store for the iPhone."

According to Mr. Rogers, "We have nothing to lose and everything to gain by sharing as much as possible with our customers and community. In the beginning it was our community who told us what they wanted: the Rally Fighter. They worked together with the team and community, to develop the design into what it is today – an aggressive, capable and efficient off-road racer we can all be proud of.

"By sharing, we are able to create a deeper relationship with our customers and learn what they truly desire, all while opening the doors into our company and inviting new ideas – great ideas, like Filip’s Light Kit."

(Source: Local Motors)

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