Velozzi SOLO crossover preview

Concept Cars 30 Jul 2009
Velozzi SOLO crossover preview

Los Angeles-based Velozzi has released the first image and information on the SOLO crossover, a lightweight hybrid vehicle that features a modular architecture and a multi-fuel micro turbine battery charger. Production is expected to begin by early 2012.

The SOLO will be a lightweight plug-in hybrid electric crossover manufactured for the global market with an on-board multi-fuel micro-turbine battery charger .

Velozzi Solo RenderingThe car’s main features include their modularity and light weighting capabilities capitalizing on new ways to manufacture vehicles.

Production of the SOLO is planned for late 2011 – early 2012.

From the official Press Release:

“It is inconceivable and counter productive to manufacture efficient vehicles using antiquated types of construction.

"To make an efficient, environmentally friendly vehicle one must utilize lightweight materials to improve MPG, reduce pollution and increase safety,” indicates Velozzi CEO, Roberto Velozzi.

The Velozzi vehicles are being designed and developed to take advantage of the modularity that lightweight materials can provide: easier assembly and reduction of manufacturing cost.

The Velozzi vehicles will be the first production cars to utilize carbon fiber nano tubes, which can increase the mechanical properties of the components by 40%, improving the parts’ performance while reducing weight. Most of the materials applied in the Velozzi cars construction are reusable, which decreases the Velozzi vehicles carbon footprint.

The Velozzi super car and the SOLO will use a multi fuel micro turbine battery charger to re-charge their bed of super capacitors and Lithium ion batteries.

Velozzi SupercarThe Velozzi cars are Plug-in Multi fuel Hybrid Electric vehicles: they are powered by a combination of lithium ion batteries and super capacitors, which in turn, are recharged by an on-board multi fuel micro turbine battery charger or by the electrical grid.

Some of the fuels that could be used by the Velozzi vehicles include gasoline, diesel, ethanol, methanol, butanol, biodiesel and natural gas to mentioned a few.

The vehicles will also have the ability to reverse its polarity and serve as a power generator, able to power equipment and even a home if necessary.

Regenerative braking will capture kinetic energy when slowing the vehicles improving its range. Embedded computers, operating transparently to the user, will control all functions.

The driving experience will be identical to a gas power vehicle. The SOLO will reach 100 MPG, 0 to 60 MPH in the 6 Sec and top speed of 130 MPH.

Velozzi is setting up to start mass production of its cars by late 2011 – early 2012. The company is actively pursing investments and governmental assistance.

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(Source: Velozzi)

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