The Vehicle Designers Review

Automotive Design 20 Jul 2009
The Vehicle Designers Review

Trebor Media has launched The Vehicle Designers Review, a yearly online magazine for vehicle design professionals which contains over 180 pages of articles, interviews, case studies, movies and design trends. Permanent access is free of charge upon registration.

Vehicle Designers ReviewA new online magazine for vehicle design professionals has just been launched by Trebor Media Ltd.

The Vehicle Designers Review contains over 180 pages of articles, interviews, case studies, movies and design trends from vehicle design industry professionals.

The review is primarily designed as a source of reference and will be published once a year with new content then added via two updates – the 2009 issue will have a further 100 pages added in October.

The 2009 issue will remain online permanently even when the 2010 issue goes live.

Access to The Vehicle Designers Review is completely free of charge; after a quick reader registration readers will instantly get their password giving them permanent access. Visit to read the magazine.

Companies wishing to add their content to the 2009 Review as part of the October update should contact the publishers, Trebor Media via the website.

Vehicle Designers Review Vehicle Designers Review

The 2009 issue includes OEM contributions from Ford, Renault, Mazda, Citroen, Jaguar, Hyundai, Nissan, Peter Stevens Design, SAIC Motor, Mercedes Benz Design and Mindset.

Neuron By Jong Won Lee Neuron Concept by Jong Won Lee

It also has articles appearing from companies such as; Gurit, Capoco, Optis, Siemens, MB-Tech styling, Holovis, Autodesk, Elmo, IGI, Craft Animation, Automotive, Mira, Motorcity Europe, Car-men, Kolb, Rca, Coventry University, Montgomery Design, Dassault, Chavant, Visteon, Materialise, Drive, Lumiscaphe, Eschmann Textures and Renfrew Group amongst others.

"Unlike most magazines found on the internet The Vehicle Designers Review is designed specifically to be read online, making it extremely reader friendly.

"It also has various interactive features such as instant contact via email and website links to contributors and movies embedded into articles."

Car Body Design has a content sharing agreement with The Vehicle Designers Review, so some of the articles within the 2009 issue may be featured on our site in the coming months.

(Source:, Trebor Media Ltd)

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