BMW M Concept

New Designers 19 Jun 2009
BMW M Concept

The BMW M Concept is a study of a V10-powered aggressive sporscar designed as a rival to the Audi R8. Created by GM Holden designer Idries Noah, it combines typical BMW’s styling cues with design elements inspired by water.

Bmw M ConceptSpeaking about tthe project, Idries Noah explains: "I grew impatient waiting for BMW to bring out an R8 rival, so I decided to design my own version of it. The recipe was simple. It needed to look aggressive, sleek, agile and totally different from anything on the road today."

For this project the designer, who works at GM Holden as a 3D visualization artist, did not draw inspiration from classic cars, as he wanted to create something totally unique.

The design combines typical BMW’s styling cues such as the trademark grille and hockey stick pillar, with new elements inspired by water and the way it flows and ripples. For example, the side
detailing was inspired by what’s called in surfing terms a Barrel or Tube (where the wave is hollow when it is breaking).

Bmw M Concept Bmw M Concept

The Concept shares the main dimensions with the Audi R8 and could adopt a tuned version of the 5 liter V10 that equips the M6.

About the designer

Idries Noah started his career as a 3D artist in the 1990’s, working for several Post Production Studios in South Africa. His passion for cars eventually led him to Australia here he joined GM Holden Design team as a Visualization Designer.

For more information visit Idries Noah’s official website.

(Source: Serious Wheels)

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