Amoritz GT LSPS

New Designers 18 Jun 2009
Amoritz GT LSPS

The Amoritz GT LSPS is a project of an affordable sportscar powered by a front-mounted V8 engine and designed for the Brazilian market. Currently in the prototype stage, it was created by former Volkswagen designer Fernando Morita.

Amoritz GT LSPSFirst shown at the 2007 Xtreme Motorsports, the Amoritz GT LSPS is a prototype of an affordable sportscar designed with the local Brazilian market in mind.

The in-house developed chassis is combined with a 5.3 liter V8 unit capable of running on both ethanol and
natural gas.

The 2+1 seater features classic front-engined sportscar proportions, with a length of 4,250mm, a width of 1,900mm, a height of 1,50mm and a wheelbase of 2500mm.

The side and rear views have some reminescences of the sportscars from the 1970s, while the agressive front-end shares some styling cues with the latest muscle cars.

Amoritz GT LSPS Amoritz GT LSPS Amoritz GT LSPS

The rear end is characterized by the double twin pipe exhausts and by the single polycarbonate surface that covers the horizontal tail lights.

Amoritz GT LSPS Amoritz GT LSPS

About Amoritz GT

Amoritz GT Design ProcessLocated in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Amoritz GT was created by former Volkswagen designer Fernando Morita, 28. He entered the automotive industry with the Volkswagen Design Competition in 2001.

After a year of internship at Volkswagen of Brazil, he was invited by Hartmut Warkuss to Volkswagen AG, Wolfsburg, as foreign designer.

Amoritz GT offers automotive design services, including customization and prototypes construction. Among the projects under development are a supercar (currently in the 1:1 scale clay model stage) and a convertible and a sedan.

Amoritz GT LSPS Amoritz GT LSPS Amoritz GT LSPS

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(Image Courtesy: Amoritz GT)

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