Torino Design & MIRA partnership

Automotive Design 24 May 2009
Torino Design & MIRA partnership

Italian design house Torino Design and UK-based global development partner MIRA have signed a collaboration agreement targeted at providing design, development and certification services to automakers.

Targeted at providing design and engineering services on a global basis, the Anglo-Italian collaboration is founded on a lean business model that aims at offering high quality at a very competitive cost.

Chery Lui Concept - Design Study Chery Lui by Torino Design

Announcing the deal, MIRA’s CEO Dr George Gillespie enthused: “Italian styling & British engineering …it’s a powerful combination that’s makes a strong case for outsourcing. We’re sure this collaboration will be welcomed by leading automakers who have come to rely on and trust our individual services.

"Together we are bringing the best of both companies in one lean and integrated package that makes the whole process more efficient and satisfying for our customers. Our turnkey service now extends from that first blank sheet of paper, right though to homologation papers.”

Roberto Piatti, Torino Design’s Founder, CEO and Managing Director observed: “Our idea is to propose a new business model that defends the design capabilities of Turin and restores the city’s competitive edge in an increasingly cutthroat global context.

"Our structure is carefully sized so to develop all high know-how activities in house to ensure high quality and control over the project – and by teaming with MIRA we extend our capability from styling research and prototyping right through to Job 1..”

About MIRA

MIRA LogoMIRA is a consultancy company that operates in the automotive design, development & certification. MIRA’s customer base includes the major vehicle manufacturers, their Tier 1 & 2 supply chain and other independent consultancies throughout most of the vehicle-producing world.

At the UK HQ, a core of over 400 dedicated employees fuse the benefits of 32 major development facilities with advanced design & modelling techniques to slash both development timescales and the requirement to build costly prototypes in quantity.

MIRA provides particular expertise in electrical/electronic systems, occupant and pedestrian safety, aerodynamics, thermal management, NVH, vehicle dynamics, telematics, powertrain integration and all aspects of durability.

About Torino Design

Torino Design LogoTorino Design was founded in March 2006 at Moncalieri, in an office space of 1000 square metres, from where our designers skilfully implement the same tools used in the design centres of the carmakers.

"We focus our expertise on the initial stages of development, from styling research through to the fabrication of full-scale models; all supported by a comprehensive engineering and feasibility analysis.

"The name, so simple as to seem almost facile, was deliberately chosen to emphasise the concept of Turin design, which is so well recognised around the world that it is effectively a brand in its own right."

(Source: L’Argus)

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