Seat Brisa and Duna Concepts

New Designers 5 May 2009
Seat Brisa and Duna Concepts

The Seat Brisa and Duna are two compact electric sportscars powered by Nano Photovoltaic Cells integrated in a translucent elastomer shell. The author is Spanish design student Miguel-Angel Iranzo Sanchez.

Seat Brisa ConceptThe Seat Brisa and Seat Duna are two compact electric sportscars designed to provide old-fashioned fun in a eco-friendly way.

Speaking on the projects, Miguel-Angel Iranzo Sanchez explains: "They were designed on a quite passionate way, each in less than a week, trying to retain the freshness of the first raw sketches, without overthinking them much. I wanted them to look spontaneous, as if they were designed almost by chance."

Seat Brisa

The Seat Brisa is a nimble sports car study. As sail boats are propelled by the wind, the Seat Brisa is propelled by the sun. Nano Photovoltaic Cells within its translucent elastomere shell translate power to a rear wheel mounted motor.

Aesthetically, the Brisa (breeze in Spanish) tries to convey lightness (with its thin waist), harmony with nature (with its plywood floorpan) and emotion (with its dramatic surfacing).

Seat Brisa Concept Seat Brisa Concept Seat Brisa Concept

Seat Duna

The Seat Duna is an electric beach buggy designed to provide old-fashioned fun in an eco way. Based on the Volkswagen Up! platform, the Seat Duna is propelled by an electric motor fed by Nano Photovoltaic Cells scattered throughout its translucent elastomere shell.

Seat Duna Concept Seat Duna Concept

"With its lightweight mesh seats, laminated cedar rocker panels inspired by vintage surfboards, and bright colors, the Seat Duna is a quite extrovert car."

Seat Duna Concept Seat Duna Concept Seat Duna Concept

About the Designer

Seat Brisa ConceptBorn on 14 January 1986 in Requena, Spain, Miguel-Angel Iranzo Sanchez has a Degree in Graphic Design (EASD Valencia) and is currently completing a Master in Transportation Design at the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia.

Among the received awards are a finalist placement at the L’Argus 7th Design Competition (2009), and at the Car Design News / Autodesk / Sabic Plastics Design Contest 2008.

In 2007 he won the 10th Nissan /
Autopista / UPV Design Contest and in 2006 he placed third at the 5th
L’Argus European Design Competition.

Contact details:

(Image Courtesy: Miguel-Angel Iranzo Sanchez)

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