Sunbeam Tiger Concept

New Designers 13 Apr 2009
Sunbeam Tiger Concept

The Sunbeam Tiger Concept is a lightweight, 2 seater sports car inspired by the 1920s Sunbeam Tiger speed record car and characterized bty the use of eco-friendly materials. The author is Coventry final year student Ryan Skelley.

The Sunbeam Tiger Concept is a spiritual successor to the 1925 Sunbeam Tiger racing and Land Speed Record car, and was created to virtually commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Tiger’s Land Speed Record win (1925 – 2025).

Sunbeam Tiger Concept Sunbeam Tiger Concept Sunbeam Tiger Concept

1925 Sunbeam Tiger Land Speed Record Car 1926 Sunbeam Tiger Land Speed Record car
(Photo: Mark Ballard – Source:

In September 1925 the V12 powered Sunbeam Tiger driven by Henry Segrave reached a half-mile record speed of 145 mph (233 km/h).

The Tiger Concept is powered by an electric powertrain with a lithium-titanate battery pack which can be fully charged in 4 hours from a standard UK power socket.

Main estimated performances are a 0-60 mph time of 2.3 seconds, an electronically limited top speed of 160mph and a driving range of about 800 miles between charges.

The Sunbeam Tiger Concept is characterized by the use of environmentally friendly materials for many components, including a recycled aluminum tubular chassis, soy foam seats covered in Biofabric, natural fibre brake pad,s eco-paint, cornstarch tires and locally grown Hemp-fibre, and vegetable oil resin body panels.

Sunbeam Tiger Concept Sunbeam Tiger Concept Sunbeam Tiger Concept Tubular Chassis

Sunbeam Tiger Concept - Design SketchesThe roll bars are built directly into the seat frame and the seat frame is built into the chassis for improved safety.

The headlights and tail-lights adopts high power, energy efficient, WOLED lights.

Ryan Skelley comments: "I wanted to create a British roadster that would be the first of its kind in terms of its drivetrain and use of materials."

About the Designer

Ryan Skelley is a final year Automotive Design student of at Coventry University. Among his professional experiences is a six-months internship at Land Rover (summer 2008).

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(Image Courtesy: Ryan Skelley)

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