Dry Lake Racer

New Designers 5 Mar 2009
Dry Lake Racer

The Dry Lake Racer is a conceptual design study of a modern minimalistic racing car inspired by the dry lake racing era. The author is IED student Francis Gomes.

The Dry Lake Racer has a tubular chassis, central shocks with external pivot arms and adopts a Rolls-Royce Merlin engine, famous for its service during World War II.

Dry Lake Racer Dry Lake Racer Dry Lake Racer

As Francis Gomes explains "Hot rods started off as dry lake racers, where competitors would race with stock cars and would take away body panels, bumpers, etc, in order to lighten the cars."

Dry Lake Racer Model T Dry Lake Racer

"The project is completely research-based. The car was built around the engine, so the base conceptual thought drops down building pieces of the car around an engine, a kind of avant approach to design that carries a certain emotional experience. "

Sketch by Francis Gomes"I tried to preserve a minimalistic perspective thorughout the design development of this yearly project. It is a more functional approach, where every piece of the car has been built and put up together for a purpose."

About the Designer

Francis Gomes is a 19 years old student currently in his 3rd year of the transportation design course at Turin IED, Institute Europeo di Design.

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(Image Courtesy: Francis Gomes)

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