Corel Painter 11 released

3 Mar 2009
Corel Painter 11 released

Corel Corporation has released Painter 11, the newest edition of the painting and illustration software, with more than 40 new and enhanced features, including 40 hard media variants and the new Markers category.

New Features

Corel Painter 11 ScreenshotHard media variants: Corel Painter 11 introduces a range of 40 new hard media variants suitable for drawing and sketching. The new variants are available in a variety of brush categories, including Acrylic, Blenders, Chalk, Colored Pencils, Conte, Erasers, Pastels, Pencils, Pens, Sumi-e, Watercolor, and the new Markers.

Custom hard media variants: With the new Hard Media palette,
users can create their own hard media variants. The palette provides a preview window and several controls so that users can fine-tune variants to meet their personal specifications, including dab profiles, sizes, transition range, stroke
width, and tilt angle.

Customizable Rendering markers: Corel Painter 11 offers new markers specifically designed to emulate real-world rendering markers.

Like all Painter media, these markers take full advantage of tablet tilt so that artists can vary the width of the marker stroke by adjusting the angle of their pen. In addition, users can customize how the media dries on the canvas which makes it easier to blend colors while rendering.

Corel Painter 11 Color Palette The original Colors palette (left); and the enlarged Colors palette (right)

Marker buildup: The new marker variants let users control color buildup, just like real-world counterparts. The first stroke produces an even distribution of color. As additional strokes are applied, the color begins to build
and darken.

Redesigned Colors palette: the Colors palette
has been redesigned so that all color controls are on one palette. The sliders
from the former Color Info palette have been added, making it easier to adjust
colors. Users can choose to show or hide both the color wheel or the color
information sliders, providing more space for the tools they use most frequently.

In addition, as users hover over the color wheel, a new tooltip provides accurate
color values for the currently selected color. What’s more, the Colors palette is
now resizable by up to 800 pixels in width, providing a better view of all
available colors.

Corel Painter 11 Mixing Palette The original Mixer palette (left); and the enlarged Mixer palette (right)

This makes it easier for artists to accurately choose the exact
color they need.

Resizable Mixer palette: The Mixer palette is now resizable by up to
1600 pixels in width, providing more space for mixing custom colors. As the
palette is resized, the Brush Size slider will expand in width to give users more
control and accuracy.

Enhanced features

Additional mixer swatches: Users can now add mixer
swatches to the Mixer palette, increasing their options when creating custom

Velocity control: Corel Painter 11 gives pen tablet users more
control over media deposits. As users increase their pen speed, thin brush strokes with less ink are applied. Conversely, a slower pen speed will result in thicker brush strokes and more ink deposited on the canvas.

Color Management: the Color
Management interface has been redesigned and simplified. Users can more easily control color profiles when creating new files, opening existing Painter files, or opening other file types. This makes it easier to ensure accurate color representation when switching between applications or exchanging files with clients and colleagues.

Selection tools: the marquee
tools are easier to handle, allowing for more nimble and precise selections. In addition, the enhanced Magic Wand more faithfully selects designated areas, while the new Polygonal Selection tool allows to produce straighter lines when making node-to-node

Artwork By Ryan Church Artwork by Ryan Church

Transform tool: all of the transform modes have been combined in a centralized tool, improving the ease and efficiency of transforming images. The new Transform tool offers convenient property bar buttons that let users quickly switch between the Move, Scale, Rotate, Skew, Distort, and Perspective Distortion modes.

"During the development cycle for Painter 11, we listened closely and carefully to what these talented artists were saying about our product – the features they loved and the new features they needed as they worked with Painter on a day-to-day basis,” said Rob MacDonald, Product Manager for Corel Painter.

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Pricing and availability

The English version of Corel Painter 11 is available as an electronic download through and is priced at $399 US for the full version and $199 US for the upgrade.

The boxed product is also available immediately for preorder and is priced at $429 US for the full version and $229 US for the upgrade.

Supported platforms include Windows Vista, XP, Intel Mac Universal Binary, Mac OS 10.5, 10.4.

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