DesignerTechniques 3rd Competition

DesignerTechniques 3rd Competition

DesignerTechniques has started the 3rd edition of its design competition. Participants are asked to create a commercial truck choosing a non-automotive brand and expressing its values in the design. The submission deadline is 31 March 2009.

For the 3rd edition of its Design Competition, DesignerTechniques has choosen a different theme: to create a commercial vehicle design, but with a twist.

Design Sketching Pages from Design Sketching book

"We want you to pick a non automotive brand, and design the truck in such a way to reflect the values of that brand. For example, if you choose Microsoft you would have to reflect their brand values and ideals in your design. The intention is that by doing so you will learn how to interpret a brand, and learn how to echo this in your designs."

The competition is open to anybody who wishes to enter, regardless of age or experience. The closing date for receiving entries is midnight March 31st 2009 GMT (UTC).

Partners of the contest are Letraset, Commercial Motor Magazine and DesignSketching.

The jury panel includes:

  • Allan Macdonald – Editor and creator of DesignerTechniques
  • Kristofer Hansen – Chief of design Scania Trucks AB
  • Brian Weatherley – Editor in chief Commercial Motor Magazine
  • Klara Sjölen – Co Author of DesignSketching

The brief

Scania Truck design sketch by Allan Macdonald"Pick any non automotive design brand (for example Apple, Sony, Nike, Google or Starbucks to name just a few), and research that brand until you understand the values it stands for. At the same time research the requirements of the typical truck (this can be in any world market).

"You must then create a truck design that offers improvement to what is on the market today, and do it in a way that represents your chosen brand. Besides this you are free to be as creative as you wish."

As Allan Macdonald explains "Whilst becoming a “car” designer is the goal of most students enrolled in automotive design schools, there are however a whole range of other possibilities.

"Studying these brings the benefit of widening your thought processes, and introducing fresh ways of thinking. It of course also widens your employment prospects upon graduation."

Letraset Tria Markers The Letraset Tria Markers


First Prize

  • Feedback, advice and suggestions on the winners full portfolio from Kristofer Hansen, Head of design at Scania AB
  • Letraset Tria Marker 24 Pen Set – Product Design, Letraset Tria Marker 12 Pen Set – Cool Greys, Two Letraset Bleedproof Marker Pads, Letraset FineLiner Pen Set, Letraset Tria Marker Ultra FineLine Customising Kit, Letraset Display Portfolio
  • An author signed hard copy of DesignSketching

Second Prize

  • Marker Drawing By Adrian Dewey Marker drawing by Adrian Dewey (Source: Letraset)

    Letraset Tria Marker 12 Pen Set – Cool Greys, One Letraset Bleedproof Marker Pad

  • An author signed Soft Back copy of DesignSketching

Third Prize

  • An author signed Soft Back copy of DesignSketching

All three prize winners will also have their work featured in Commercial Motor Magazine.

For additional information visit DesignerTechniques.

(Source: DesignerTechniques)

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