Audi A’KIMONO LS2.0 Concept

New Designers 26 Jan 2009
Audi A’KIMONO LS2.0 Concept

The A’KIMONO LS2.0 Concept is a design study of a futuristic vehicle inspired by light sculptures which uses an artificial lighting system to make the exterior body surfaces visible at night, hence Automotive Lighting Sculpture. It was designed by Bulgarian Teodor Kyuchukov – Dorteo.

A'kimono LS2.0The project is based on the original A’kimono Concept which received the third prize at the Desire Design Contest 2007 organized by Domus Academy & Stile Bertone.

One year later, inspired by Walter De’ Silva’s words – "If you want to see the new Audi, just design it", Teodor Kyuchukov developed an evolution of the same concept, referred it to the Audi brand and named it A’KIMONO LS2.0.

Based on the "Automotive Lighting Sculpture" concept, the exterior surfaces integrate an artifical lighting system which makes the car’s silhouette recognizable at night. This system makes use of hidden lighting, where the source is not visible.

A'kimono LS2.0 A'kimono LS2.0

This type of light follows the relief and the shape of the surfaces, offering a smooth and unobtrusive effect to the viewer. It is often used for the lighting of interiors, monuments, architectural buildings and sports facilities.

A'kimono LS2.0 - SketchboardAs Teodor Kyuchukov explains "Car manufacturers pay attention on the night vision of an interior. They often miss the fact that no matter how perfect and stylish the outlines are, the layout of the car stays invisible for the human eye during the night."

"The exterior illumination […] strengthens the emotional impact of a vehicle during the dark part of the day and turns the car image from “incognito” to a sensuous piece of art."

A'kimono LS2.0 - Design Panel A'kimono LS2.0 - Design Panel A'kimono LS2.0 - Design Panel

The project was inspired by lighting designer Steven Scott, who recently presented the “Hermetic light” works, which make use of the high-quality performance of the LED technology.

"His main goal is to provoke people develop their own sense of seeing and perception. Applying various artistic methods and techniques allows creating individual lighting designs, through which the designer communicates with the audience."

A'kimono LS2.0The exterior design combines the formal language of the latest Audi models with the lines of the Japanese national costume – the kimono, which is used in the martial arts where it allows optimal movement of the human body.

"That physical freedom is a starting point for creative interpretation in the A’KIMONO LS2.0’s surface language. There the soft lines indicate the textile behavior of the kimono and slightly reminds the stylish outlook of Audi R8."

About the Designer

Teodor Kyuchukov is a PhD student at the University of Ruse "Angel Kanchev", Bulgaria, Department of Industrial Design. The project has been developed under the promotion of Prof. Cvetomir Konov and Prof. Dr. Radoslav Kyuchukov – University of Ruse, Bulgaria.

Contacts Details:

(Image Courtesy: Teodor Kyuchukov)

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