Racer X Design BMW RZ-M6 Concept

Concept Cars 23 Jan 2009
Racer X Design BMW RZ-M6 Concept

Designed by tuning company Racer X Design, the BMW RZ-M6 is a reinterpretation of the current BMW 6 Series inspired by the aggressive look of the earlier generation E24 model.

BMW RZ M6 By Racer X DesignInspired by the earlier generation E24 6 series, the RZ-M6 "captures the stylish and aggressive looks of the older generations of BMWs and puts them in the current 6 series."

Compared to the standard 6 Series model, the RZ-M6 features a wider body (+50 mm) and new body panels.

"The RZ-M6 is designed to show how a 6 series should look like to reflect that pedigree.

"While aggressive, it’s not over the top, keeping the lines of the current M6 structure flowing and factory like. […]. This is a tribute to the E24 6 series."

BMW RZ M6 By Racer X Design Front BMW RZ M6 By Racer X Design

The small indipendent body styling company Racer X Design is currently looking for partners in order to turn the RZ-M6 project into a production reality.

For more information visit www.racerxdesign.com.

BMW RZ M6 By Racer X Design BMW RZ M6 By Racer X Design BMW RZ M6 By Racer X Design

History of the E24 6 series

BMW 6 Series E24 EThe early BMW sport coupes had monumental performance and style with the added luxury of design and technology.

Showcased at the Geneva Motor Show in March of 1976, the 6 Series E24 sport coupes were the successor to the E9 3.0 CSi coupe.

The coupe tradition in the early and mid seventies had been so widely successful, that BMW decided the era of 1965-75 coupes needed a successor.

Transferring the tradition and image created by BMW with beautiful models like the 2000 C/CS and the 3.0-3.5 CS/CSi/CSL coupes, the E24 coupe captured this same image and effect.

The E24 635 CSi touring car was BMWs entrant in Group A touring car racing from 1983 until the introduction of the BMW M3 in 1986.

(Source: Racer X Design via Autoblog.com, Serious Wheels)

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