Sentori 58R Concept

Boat and Yacht Design 22 Jan 2009
Sentori 58R Concept

The Sentori 58R is a design study of a 58-feet flybridge motor yacht with an exterior design that adopts automotive-like surface design and a modern interior inspired by contemporary trends. It was designed by Christian Gumpold and Christopher Gloning.

Sentori 58R Exterior RenderingThe Sentori 58R is the final thesis project of Christian Gumpold and Christopher Gloning, for their postgraduate degree in Industrial Design at the University of Applied Science in Graz, Austria.

This modern yacht – about 18m long (58 feet) and with a displacement of 28to – was developed in collaboration with a partner company and several Vienna-based investors, who are willing to launch a new yacht brand.

The project’s aim was bring the design approach and philosophy of premium yachts (longer than 40 meters) to a new market segment.

Sentori 58R Design Sketch“Existing yachts in the length up to 30 meters are usually very conservatively designed, many styling elements and a inhomogeneous exterior design.”

Christian Gumpold explains “We wanted to have a clean exterior design, strongly inpired by automotive surface design. The whole yacht should look very wide and open.”

“The equipment carrier should be integrated in the whole design, large window surfaces in the salon and the lower deck should guarantee a great view from everywhere on the boat.”

Sentori 58R Design Sketch“Concerning the interior, we wanted to be very multifunctional, the furniture should be inspired by contemporary interior trends, the credo was: modern, loftlike living on the sea.”

The vessel is designed to be powered by 2x 715 HP volvo penta diesel engines and can reach a top speed of about 30knots.

The first prototype will be completed in spring 2009.

Exterior Design

Sentori 58R Automotive InspirationThe general exterior design language of the vessel is mainly inspired by automotive design, using surface tensions and automotive, coupe- type key elements.

Christian Gumpold explains “Usually, the height of vessels having a length of up to 18m and constructed as a flybridge-version, is proportionally not ideal.

“The draft of SENTORI 58R, in comparison, appears extremely low and wide, especially in the rear view.”

The interior layout is organized into 3 decks: the main deck, consisting of the open air stern-area directly connected to the lounge area, the pantry, dinette, and main helm station, as well as a sunbathing area at the bow section.

The owners’ state room, the vip cabin, and the guest cabin, each with own bathroom, shower and toilet are located in the lower deck.

Sentori 58R Exterior Rendering Sentori 58R Exterior Rendering

On the third deck there is the second helm station, as well as a lounge area, a sunbathing area and the wet-bar including a fridge, a washing basin and a barbecue pit.

Sentori 58R Front And Rear View Sentori 58R Floor Plans

A part of the windshield acts as a door and guarantees direct access to the sunbathing area at the bow, where a small table for drinks can be extended.

Sentori 58R Details RenderingDirectly below the sunbathing area the fender compartment is located which is accessible by opening the whole cover.

“The dinghy is usually situated on top of the bathing platform at the stern area of the vessel and being watered by using the basarella.”

“Using the dinghy this way is blocking the entrance of the skipper’s cabin as well as blockading the whole bathing platform.

“We have solved these problems by using a split platform which can be extended and lowered backwards, still having the dinghy on top which is starting to float when lowering.

“This system allows the dinghy captain to simply locate the boat directly over the lowered platform which will hydraulically rise the dinghy and slide it back.

Sentori 58R Details Rendering Sentori 58R Details Rendering

“At the same time one can easily slide the dinghy back automatically when using the bathing platform or accessing the captains cabin or stern garage.”

Sentori 58R Exterior RenderingThe second helm station on the flybride can be protected from climatic influences by automatically flattening the instruments and covering the whole keyboard with a sliding transparent panel.

The wet bar is one of the key elements not only serves as a common bar, but it is also a skylight for the main deck and illuminates the flybridge at night.


The design language of the interior mainly uses floating elements which deal with the different levels and stairs harmonically.

Sentori 58R Interior Rendering“In general, the idea of modern and loft-like living on the sea was the foundation of SENTORI’s interior concept.”

“One of our main targets was also to combine and integrate the whole maindeck area from the bow to the stern, to create an extremely open and spacious feeling.

“the floating lounge elements with their completely hideable armrests enhance this aspect very effectively.”

High contrasts from dark wenge applications to light leather and basswood lining are dominating on all two interior levels.

Sentori 58R Interior Rendering Sentori 58R Interior Rendering

The guest cabin is not only a bedroom but can also be connected to the owner’s state room to extend the living area if wanted; or, it it can be used as an office, providing a desk and lounge. The shower in the owners’ bathroom is accessible not only from inside the bathroom itself but also directly from the cabin.

Sentori 58R Side View Sentori 58R Wireframe

About the Designers

Christian Gumpold and Christopher Gloning are postgraduate of the University of Applied Science in Graz, Austria for industrial design.

At the moment they are working on the detailing of the Sentori 58R Concept and are planning to found a design studio specialized in naval architecture.

Christian Gumpold – Contact details:

(Image Courtesy: Christian Gumpold and Christopher Gloning)

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