EDAG Light Car Open Source preview

Concept Cars 22 Jan 2009
EDAG Light Car Open Source preview

At the 2009 Geneva Motor Show EDAG will unveil its ‘Light Car – Open Source’ concept, a vision of a futuristic highly configurable electric vehicle which makes use of innovative materials and lighting technology.

Edag Light Car Open Source StructureThe car’s exterior dimensions – 4 metres long and 1.70 metres wide – put it in the compact car size range. As both engine and gearbox have been eliminated, the wheelbase has been extended to 2.90 metres – on a luxury class level – which offers enough space to seat five passengers in comfort.

The electric powertrain adopts in-wheel motors and lithium-ion and allows for a range of up to 150 km. A multifunctional system integrated in the wheels integrates various components: steering, brakes, drive and suspension. The glass surfaces are made of Makrolon.

The Body structure

The body concept of the "Light Car – Open Source" is based on a rolling chassis – an universal platform to which the modules for various bodies can be added. This enables vehicle derivatives to be developed more quickly and at lower cost.

Edag Light Car Open Source SketchThe body structure of the “Light Car – Open Source” is made of ASA.TEC’s innovative basalt fibre, a lightweight, stable and 100% recyclable material – a first in automotive engineering.

This almost infinitely available raw material is not just lighter and less costly than aluminium or carbon, but also has practically the same strength properties as conventional materials.

"This new quality of basalt fibre, which is to be utilised in the construction of rotors for large-scale wind power plants in the future, can now be put to systematic use in the automotive industry.

"This type of basalt fibre therefore has the potential for becoming a main structural element and thus being used as a future lightweight material in cars for the high volume market."

Lighting Concept and Customization

Edag Light Car Open Source SketchThe light concept of the "Light Car – Open Source" uses (O)LED technology as a variable design and communication element.

The body looks as made of glass; in the glass panes, (O)LED lamps mark out the outlines of the headlights and rear lights on the vehicle.

The driver can design the outlines of the lights to his individual taste to give the car a unique appearance.

The driver can also arrange his "workplace" in the cockpit, by changing the size, position and style of the different instruments.

"We have transferred today’s multimedia and lighting technology standards to the car, and in future want to offer the customer scope for free configuration, as the entire surface of the vehicle functions like the monitor of a multimedia installation, and can be used intelligently and individually," explains Johannes Barckmann, Head of the EDAG Design Studio.

With the aid of (O)LED technology, EDAG uses the transparent tailgate as a projection screen, making car-to-car communication visible and usable to all motorists.

"For instance, the braking force can be communicated to the next vehicle by means of an illuminated scale on the back of the car. Other information, such as a distance reading or if there is the tail end of a traffic jam ahead, can be clearly displayed on the back of the car, even if the vehicle behind does not have a car-to-car communication system of its own. Further, the driver of the car behind can see the information straight away, without needing to take his eyes off the road."

(Source: EDAG)

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