Red Dot Design Awards 2008

Red Dot Design Awards 2008

Red Dot has announced the winners of the 2008 Design Awards. We report a selection of the winning projects in the ‘Design Concept – Mobility’ category, including the Pininfarina Sintesi and the Opel Flextreme concept cars.

Pininfarina Sintesi Design SketchWith more than 10,000 submissions from 60 countries, the international “red dot design award” ranks among the largest and most renowned design competitions in the world.

It is devided into the “red dot award: product design”, the “red dot award: communication design” and the “red dot award: design concept.”

This last section includes the "Mobility" category. Among its winners are:

  • Pinifarina Sintesi
  • Opel Flextreme
  • MX-Libris Taxi
  • MERM Concept
  • Faurecia Premium Attitude
  • Vectrix Electric Superbike by Robrady Design

Pininfarina SintesiFor the complete list of winners visit

Pininfarina Sintesi

Sintesi, first introduced at the 2008 Geneva Motor Show, is a sports car with four doors and four seats that was developed with a highly innovative approach: it does not consider the car as a shape that covers the mechanicals, but one that gives a shape to the mechanicals around the passengers, starting from the latter.

This approach, which is known as “liquid” packaging, has overturned traditional volumetric balances, improving weight distribution and lowering the centre of gravity, which are important elements for driving dynamics.

Opel Flextreme

The Flextreme was conceived at General Motors’ European Design Center and premiered in 2007 at the International Motor Show (IAA) in Frankfurt.

Opel Flextreme Opel Flextreme

The car is a study of the future design of the monocab segment, incorporating alternative energy propulsion with fresh, bold styling.

The Flextreme uses the new design language introduced under the direction of British GME Design Vice President Mark Adams and was first brought to market this year with the Insignia.  

Among the features are the extended-range electric vehicle technology system, the rear-hinged “Flex doors” that enable comfortable access to the interior, a large transparent roof and twin tailgate doors that open from the side and swing upward.


MX LibrisDesigned by Alberto Villarreal for a Mexican design contest, MX-LIBRIS is a new kind of taxi vehicle for the Latin American region.

With zero-emissions and an iconic form, it aims for a friendly urban appeal.

The original exterior design – with an asymmetric and unique form – has been designed to intentionally become a forward-thinking icon of Latin America.

The interior design, also asymmetric, maximises the use of space and promotes interaction between passengers by placing the fourth one facing the other three as well as leaving a central hallway for access.

Additional images are available on

MX Libris MX Libris

MERM (Modular Electronic Retail Minivan)

Created by Zhang Zhongren, MERM targets the modern retail market with a transformable car body and various retail modules. The whole vehicle is powered by electricity while a solar panel on the roof provides power for all facilities on board.


Additional information is available on Red Dot official website and on Yanko Design.

Faurecia Premium Attitude

Faurecia Premium Attitude Faurecia Premium Attitude Faurecia Premium Attitude

Faurecia Premium Attitude Interior Design SketchThe Premium Attitude is a concept car created by Faurecia, a French company specialized in automotive interior solutions.

Uneveiled at the 2007 Los Angeles Auto Show, the Premium Attitude showcases a number of design innovations integrated as feasible engineering solutions.

It was designed by Andreas Wlasak, Thorsten Suess, Robert Fitzpatrick, Philippe Aumont and Robert Huber.

For more information visit the concept microsite at

Vectrix Electric Superbike by Robrady Design

The Vectrix Superbike created by Robrady Design features a powertrain with an electric motor and batteries and celebrates its clean electric power by pushing aesthetic boundaries pertaining to “green” vehicle design.

Robrady Vectrix Superbike Design Sketch Vectrix Superbike By Robrady Design Sketch

For more information visit

(Source: Red Dot Design Awards)

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