Volkswagen T6 Concept

New Designers 3 Nov 2008
Volkswagen T6 Concept

The Volkswagen T6 Concept is a large urban vehicle with an interior that provides a luxury mobile office. The author is Alexander Shukovski from the Ural State Academy of Architecture and Arts.

The T6 Concept was the winner in the Best Lifestyle Interior category at the Interior Motives Design Awards 2008. It was designed by Alexander Shukovski from the Ural State Academy of Architecture and Arts.

VW T6 ConceptThe T6 in targeted to people who ilve in large urban environments: it combines the features of a mobile office with the comfort of a business-class car.

The main design elements are two cylinders connected with a transformable section in the form of a hinge.

The wheels are moved to the periphery of the car body and revolve around the two cylinders.

The car was conceived as a component integrated with the metropolitan transportation system, like a subway or a taxi.

The interior offers a multifunctional luxury space which can be used for standalone work or to organize meetings.

As Alexander Shukovski explains: "One could say, being on the“T-6 means being at work. This is a total paradigm shift of today’s style of work."

VW T6 Concept - Design Panel VW T6 Concept - Design Panel VW T6 Concept - Design Panel

The T6 Concept is powered by four electric engines and can be recharged on the move.

(Source: Interior Motives)

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