Volkswagen Nepenthes Concept

New Designers 3 Nov 2008
Volkswagen Nepenthes Concept

The Volkswagen Nepenthes is a light-looking two-seat roadster focused on strength and lightweight with an exterior made of feminine sharp edges and smooth curves and a comfortable and protecitve interior. The author is Joon Hyung Park from Hong-Ik University.

VW NepenthesThe Volkswagen Nepenthes was the winner in the Best Conceptual Exterior category at the Interior Motives Design Awards 2008. It was designed by Joon Hyung Park from Hong-Ik University.

"Nepenthes are herbaceous non-woody plants which generally grow as long twining vines with pitchers, which are highly specialized leaves that act as passive pitfall traps."

The car is based on the ideas of lightness and strength. The exterior is inspired by the lower pitcher of nepenthes, which has a smooth curve and organic shape tubes.

The interior is inspired by the upper pitcher of nepenthes, which threatens insects and small animals to hunt them, thus conveying the idea of "protection".

VW Nepenthes VW Nepenthes

(Source: Interior Motives)

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