Renault Kangoo Be Bop

Production Cars 20 Oct 2008
Renault Kangoo Be Bop

At the 2008 Paris Motor Show Renult has unveiled the Kangoo be bop, a compact leisure vehicle inspired by the Kangoo Compact Concept, with a two-tone color scheme and extensive glazed area, with a sliding roof and rear tailgate window.

According to Renault the car is "ideal for customers who wish to move away from established
automobile cues and who are looking for a vehicle that expresses optimism and joie de
vivre without being showy."

Renault Kangoo Compact Concept The Renault Kangoo Compact Concept

Renault Kangoo be bop was inspired by the Kangoo Compact Concept show car at the 2007 Frankfurt Motor Show.

A compact leisure
vehicle with an original design and strong personality, Kangoo Compact Concept showed that
an unusual car could appeal to active, sporty urban dwellers who share the values of fun and

Ideal for escaping the crowd, Renault Kangoo be bop offers
open-top motoring at the rear thanks to its glazed sliding roof and rear tailgate window
which slides out of sight. At the front it has two tilting glass panels, plus a fixed central
glass panel.

Exterior Design

Renault Kangoo Be BopThe compact size (length: 3.87 metres), original two-tone colour scheme and
exclusive interior appointments of this innovative vehicle combine to produce a
particularly forceful personality.

In addition to its design, the originality of the concept lay in its extensive glazed
and unique convertibility solutions, with the emphasis on space and light.

Renault Kangoo be bop has the Kangoo front end with its short bonnet and droplet-shaped
headlamps. Light floods into the cabin through the sweeping, steeply raked windscreen for
outstanding visibility.

Renault Kangoo be bop differs from its elder sibling by being even
shorter (less than four metres in length), as well as through some original styling details, such
as the black headlamp masks, specific bumpers, and 16-inch alloy wheels.

Renault Kangoo Be BopGround
clearance has been raised 20mm compared with New Kangoo, while protective side
mouldings lend the look of ‘urban adventurer’, ready to confront the great outdoors.

Its robust,
expressive lines are energized by the standard two-tone colour scheme handed down from
the concept car.

The bonnet, grille, outside rearview mirrors, front bumper bib and tailgate
panel are Sideral Grey, while the rest of the bodywork is another colour, e.g. Etincelle Orange,
borrowed from Kangoo Compact Concept.

Another similarity is the elongated, semi-circular
form of the side windows, which make Renault Kangoo be bop instantly recognisable.

Renault Kangoo Be Bop Renault Kangoo Be Bop

Renault Kangoo Be BopThe
large tailgate window slides right out of sight into the door. It is operated by a switch on
the instrument panel or by a third button on the ignition key, and makes it possible to access
the boot without having to unlock the car or open the tailgate.

Renault Kangoo be bop features the same convertible roof configuration seen on the concept
car, with a fully glazed, forward-sliding panel at the rear. With the rear section of the roof
and rear window in the open position, rear passengers are able to
enjoy open-air motoring.

The roof opens at an angle which creates a deflecting
effect to prevent bothersome turbulence while on the move. Its ‘open’ and ‘closed’ positions
are secured by two side locks. It opens independently of the tailgate with the help of two small

Renault Kangoo Be BopThe wide, fixed middle glazed panel contributes to the cabin’s brightness, while the two
front tilting glass panels ensure that front-seat occupants also get a taste of the open air.

Even when open, the panels do not interfere with the forward-sliding rear roof. The glazed
roof panels have all been treated to filter out the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

Although Kangoo be bop’s dashboard and front seats are the same as New Kangoo’s, the
rear features two individual, raised seats which make the interior redolent of a four-seater
lounge on wheels.

The different exterior colour schemes and interior trim include Nacré Black, Pavot Red and Glacier
colours, combined with the red and black upholstery and dark charcoal dashboard.

An additional option is the Etincelle Orange or Glacier White exterior together with
silver, blue, and orange upholstery, plus a blue dashboard, as featured on Kangoo Compact


Renault Kangoo Be Bop - InteriorThe Renault Kangoo be bop interior is focused on space and light. Its extensive 3.9 sq. metres
of glazed area (roof and windows) flood the cabin with light.

Front occupants benefit from the
sweeping windscreen inherited from New Kangoo, while the large, semi-circular side windows
heighten the rear passengers’ sense of travelling comfort, redolent of the tranquillity afforded
by a modern high-speed train such as the TGV.

The rear windows also permit excellent threequarter
rear vision for manoeuvring and overtaking.

All four passengers benefit from individual seats which enable them to profit fully from the
ride experience.

Renault Kangoo Be Bop - InteriorThe front seats are as spacious as those of New Kangoo and benefit from
1,510mm of elbowroom, as wide as anything on the market.

Although the dashboard’s colour scheme and
cladding are different from those of New Kangoo, its forms, as well as its ease and comfort of
use are identical. Deeply recessed below the dashboard lip, the displays are always shaded
from the light and easy to read.

The gearshift control on the centre console falls naturally to
hand, as do the very short stalk switches and audio remote control. The radio display screen
is also remote for greater comfort.

Thanks to its original aviation-style design, the handbrake
frees up an appreciable nine litres of stowage space in the armrest between the two front
seats. Very special attention has been lavished on the quality and finish of materials used.

Rear passengers enjoy unique travelling comfort. The individual seats are inspired by
those of Scénic. They are fore/aft-adjustable and their backs can be reclined.

They are
mounted 9cm higher than the front seats, producing an amphitheatre arrangement that
affords an astonishing 180° panoramic view.

Renault Kangoo Be Bop - InteriorPassengers can access the rear seats in one of two ways.
The first is through the front doors, using a handle that folds down the back of the front
seats and slides them out of the way. It is easier to get in on the passenger side, where the
seat slides further forward than on the driver’s side.

Passengers can also climb into the rear
seats through the open tailgate and the gap between the rear seats, which affords ample
space. Children will particularly enjoy climbing into the car in this way.

Indeed tailgate access
is facilitated by the low sill and bumper which can take weights of up to 100kg.

The tailgate incorporates a handle that can be used to pull it shut from the inside.

The rear of the car is fully modular. The capacity of the luggage compartment ranges from
174 to 1,462dm3 depending on whether the seats are in their rearmost or foremost position.

The tailgate has two
open positions: an intermediary one for accessing the luggage compartment in a restricted
space, and an 85° opening for full access to the luggage compartment.

Technical Features

The range of engines includes two diesel powerplants – the 85hp dCi and the 100hp dCi which comes with a
particulate filter and drives through a six-speed gearbox – and the petrol 105hp 1.6 16V unit.

The suspension system is shared with the Scénic MacPherson type with rectangular
lower arm and anti-roll bar at the front and, a programmed deflection torsion beam with coil
springs and anti-roll bar at the rear.

Among the additional chassis features are the 16-inches wheels and four vented brake discs (280mm at the front, 274mm at the rear).

(Source: Renault)

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